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Best Smith machine home gym in 2022: Reviews of the top UK products for training safely without a spotter

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 9th January 2022
Most Heavy Duty
weight lifter doing squats
Ironmaster IM2000
Best Value
optional attachments for the system
IM2000 Custom Package
Powerline Smith Machine

Welcome to the 2022 edition of our best home Smith machine UK roundup.

Buying a great Smith machine can easily be the difference between building muscle at home and getting trapped helplessly underneath a loaded barbell—or worse, causing yourself permanent, debilitating harm due to a punctured lung or crushed windpipe.

Unfortunately for us, the home fitness market is plagued with mediocre, mass-produced Smith machines. Oh sure, they work for a while (albeit, with a heavy dose of intra-workout friction). But they suddenly pack in when your growing training intensity exposes their flimsy construction—too bad the warranty was only 2 years. That's another £1,000 down the drain.

I'd estimate that I've wasted upwards of £7,000 on so-called "home gym equipment". The worst part? Some machines lasted for just 6 months. Others managed 2 years. And one even broke while I was using it.

Yes, that's right, a £1,000 Smith machine packed in during my workout. I was re-racking the bar when the lockouts failed unexpectedly, causing the bar to drop rapidly towards my neck like a guillotine. Had it not been a warm-up set, things could've been a lot worse. And maybe I wouldn't be writing this today (falling barbells take no prisoners).

Anyway. I decided to take matters into my own hands. After testing over 43 Smith machines, I started this website to help my fellow Brits who train at home find the safest and most effective Smith machine solution. Here's what I found...

Top 7 Smith machine reviews for 2022

Whether you're seeking a luxury Smith machine gym or operating on a shoestring budget, you'll find a personalised solution within my reviews of the top rated Smith machines. So let's get into it.

1. Ironmaster IM2000 (best and most heavy-duty)

weight lifter doing squats

The revolutionary Ironmaster IM2000 is the product of over ten years of painstaking research and development from one of the oldest and most trusted names in home fitness. Ironmaster confidently guarantees that its ingenious self spotting system will make our home workouts more effective than training in a commercial gym.

They also promise that their Smith machine with pulley system (without any of the 12 attachments) can work each of our body parts in at least three different ways. As a result, it's a popular choice among those seeking to maximise their muscle growth at home.

Unlike any feat of strength I've ever witnessed, the IM2000 Smith bar supports a whopping 450kg—that's more than 11 plates per side. And ironically, this gives it twice the weight capacity (and thus the stability) of almost every so-called "commercial-grade Smith machine". Therefore, we can test the limits of our strength and stimulate more muscle growth, because we know that our IM2000 won't shake or wobble as we lift.

Yet Ironmaster doesn't supercharge stability at the expense of a smooth bar path. Instead, they buck the linear bearing trend and go a step further by equipping the IM2000 with unique slide bushings. These Bushings naturally have excellent durability, require only minimal lubrication and most importantly, improve our workouts by eliminating annoying friction.

athletic woman doing a leg press

How this benefits us is that our reps feel smoother, which in turn generates a more potent pump and a stronger mind-muscle connection. Over time, these improved workouts lead to us winning the grand prize: faster and better muscle growth.

Moreover, this fluid lifting motion also enables us to recover quicker, and thus, achieve more rapid results, because there are no sudden sticking points that send a jolting pain through our joints.

As a company specialising in home strength training, Ironmaster enables us to take control of our workouts and spot our own sets with their innovative self-spotting Smith station. Or, as I like to call it—the Smith machine 2.0.

Their invention includes 2-3x more lockout points than any other Smith machine on the market, with each bar hook being just 1.7" apart. As such, if we reach the uncomfortable yet gratifying point of muscular failure, we can re-rack the barbell at any phase of a rep with a simple wrist turn.

Along with the secondary safety steps, this completely negates the need for a spotter, while also giving us the peace of mind to push harder because we know that safety is always just a small wrist turn away.

man in a vest performing low cable rows

As with the 450kg-strong Smith bar, the IM2000's cables are similarly sturdy, supporting an impressive 159kg of resistance. Again, this is about twice as much as any other multi gym Smith machine on the market.

But surprisingly, these easy-glide upper and lower cable pulleys take up virtually no additional space. Instead, Ironmaster has supplied each cable with a heavy-duty hook that connects directly to the Smith bar, conveniently allowing us to use the barbell as a weight plate carriage.

So if you're ever wondering why the cable resistance feels so fluid, you'll know that it's because the pulleys derive their motion from the silky-smooth Smith bar and its patented slide bushings.

However, as a keen bodybuilder, the seemingly infinite customisations options are my favourite feature. Ironmaster offers the IM2000 in three pre-built packages, which each level up the base unit with accessories that turn your Smith machine into a fully-fledged home gym. All models come with a Smith machine lat pulldown leg holder as standard.

optional attachments for the system

But for an even more personalised home gym setup, you can also build your own package by choosing from twelve attachments, which range from an ingenious vertical leg press to their best-selling crunch attachment. This way, you can save money because you only pay for the workout stations that you personally want.

And regardless of whether you invest in a package deal or just give the basic IM2000 a try, you'll get a 10-year warranty and a 90-day returns window for peace of mind. You won't get this kind of treatment with many other Smith machine manufacturers—that's for sure.

  • Colossal 450kg weight capacity so you can test your strength and set new PRs
  • Smoothest lifting motion of any Smith machine on UK or US markets
  • Safety hooks are only 1.7" apart so that you can always stay safe when maxing out
  • Fully customisable with a variety of muscle-building attachments
  • Backed by an ironclad 10-year warranty for maximum peace of mind
  • Some upgrades are quite pricey

2. TuffStuff CXT-200 (best Smith machine with cables)

man doing alternating shoulder presses

TuffStuff makes some of the UK's best Smith machines for home and commercial use. And their compact TuffStuff CXT-200 is no exception. This small but mighty home gym replaces a lat pulldown machine, a functional trainer, a low row station, a pull-up bar and of course, a Smith machine.

Their Smith machine system promotes heavy lifting by providing us with an incredible 245kg weight capacity, which comes courtesy of the CXT-200's damage-resistant 11 gauge steel frame.

TuffStuff's patented cable crossover Smith machine design enables their CXT-200 to remain compact while still allowing us to test our strength safely.

The angled weight prongs are perhaps the best example of this space-saving innovation. The prongs allow you to load more than six 20kg plates per side while taking up only marginally more space than a regular functional trainer.

man training his pecs

How this benefits us is that we're able to enjoy Smith machine exercises and cable training in the same home gym. Naturally, this saves us a lot of money and space compared to individually buying the five gym machines that the CXT-200 replaces.

The Smith bar itself, which weighs 13.6kg, provides an incredibly smooth lifting motion and has several muscle-building and safety benefits.

It comes with 15 lockout points, for easy barbell re-racking while training alone; commercial-grade knurling, for a firmer grip, which enables us to generate more power and set new PRs. It also affords us a 7-degree slanted bar path, which reduces joint stress, improves our pump and enhances our mind-muscle connection, by providing a more natural range of motion.

Likewise, the three cable stations—lat pulldown, cable row, functional trainer—offer many benefits for those of us seeking new muscle growth. The versatile dual adjustable pulleys provide 68kg of resistance (90kg with the upgrade) and come with swivel handles that allow for an unrestricted range of motion, creating a deeper muscular stretch and a more potent peak contraction.

male doing chin ups

Obviously, the enhanced range of motion results in more rapid muscle gains for us because we can ensure that we're recruiting all of the small muscle fibres that need to be fatigued to stimulate maximum growth.

As with the functional trainer, the lat pulldown and low row station each have two pulleys, which enables us to increase our strength by using the full resistance of both weight stacks—in this case, 136kg.

I wish the pull-up bar had a neutral grip option. Nonetheless, the wide and close grips are more than sufficient for achieving full back development, especially since we can also perform lat pulldowns and cable rows.

The CXT-200 Smith machine cable crossover comes with seven accessories; lat bar, straight bar, squat bar, ankle strap, two pairs of nylon handles, a chin-up strap and a cable bridge bracket. The three bar attachments include knurling so that you can maintain a firm grip and avoid dropping the bar.

man doing incline bench presses with cables

However, all of the attachments have a designated spot on the rotating accessory rack, which provides quick access to accessories during training, making the CXT-200 an excellent choice for supersets and fast-paced workouts. The convenient accessory rack also enables you to keep your workout space free from trip hazards because everything has its own off-the-floor position.

  • Best smith machine with cable crossover in the UK
  • Incredibly compact
  • Smith bar is rated for 245kg
  • Includes a fixed lat pulldown station
  • Dual adjustable pulley and cables provide 90kg of resistance
  • Comes with 7 accessories
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weight upgrade costs extra
  • Doesn't include a triceps rope

3. Powerline PSM144X (best budget Smith machine)

Costing less than a yearly health club membership, the Powerline Smith Machine is the cheapest Smith machine on our top rated list. But at first, I was sceptical. I thought that the marked down price tag was just too good to be true—and I had flashbacks to being ripped-off by unscrupulous home gym companies. However, once I took the PSM144X for a test drive, I realised that my suspicions were completely unfounded.

man doing a flat bench press

For example, even though the bushings are made from nylon, the resistance actually feels smooth because of the patented super glide technology. The bushings are located in the extra-long twin carriages, which protects the components from damage and simultaneously provides frictionless movement—a rarity for cheap Smith machines.

Naturally, this friction-free lifting motion is great for us because it enables us to generate a more intense pump and develop a stronger mind-muscle connection—two very important prerequisites for gaining size.

But the hidden benefit of this smooth bar path is that it contains no jarring sticking points, which are notorious for causing joint problems. As a result, we can recover quicker, and hence, gain muscle faster, while also significantly reducing our injury risk.

muscualr man gripping a barbell

The Smith bar itself supports up to 181kg of resistance, has a 13.5kg starting weight and hooks onto any of the 14 crossmember lock-out points with a straightforward turn of the wrist. Clearly, the PSM144X is a brilliantly effective free weight replacement for training around injuries or lifting without a spotter because you can so easily re-rack the barbell.

Yet even if you push beyond muscular failure—and can't even muster up the energy to perform a 15-degree wrist turn—the dual lock safety catches have got you covered.

The safety stoppers are pop-pin adjustable, and they increase the size of their safety net by connecting to both the front and back of the frame via steel reinforcements. Therefore, you can push your body to the limit with the peace of mind that you won't get pinned under the barbell.

bodybuilder doing an incline press

Overall, the PSM144x is a fantastic small Smith machine if you're on a budget, but still want to pick up a quality workout station. It's been on the market for 15 years now and comes with ten years warranty on the frame. Plus, at the current low price, you're getting a pretty unbeatable deal as far as home Smith machines go. It's definitely the best home smith machine gym under 500 quid (out of the 40+ that I tested).

  • Smooth lifting motion
  • 14 safety lockout points
  • Short two-hour assembly
  • Decent 181kg weight capacity
  • Very compact
  • Competitively priced
  • Only two storage posts

4. Body Solid Series 7 (best Smith machine UK for free weights)

muscular man doing an incline press

Replacing 8+ common gym stations and offering a lifetime warranty, the Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine is undoubtedly one of the best Smith machines on the UK market. The formidable Series 7 is constructed from heavy-duty 11 gauge steel and comes complete with a DuraFirm-padded bench that provides ample back support while simultaneously keeping your workouts safe with its 450kg capacity.

The Series 7 includes a squat rack and Smith machine for heavy lifting; a lat pulldown, cable row, pec deck and preacher curl station for upper body training; and a leg developer for quad extensions and hamstring curls. But since these are home Smith machine reviews, I'm focusing on just the Smith machine squat rack combo for now (full review is linked above).

man doing preacher curls with an EZ bar

The linear bearing Smith machine is rated for a hefty 272kg and keeps us out of harm's way with a combination of crossmember lock-out points (of which there are 20) and heavy-duty, adjustable safety catches. If you usually train alone like me, it's one of the best types of Smith machines to own because you can re-rack the barbell at any point during rep with a simple 15-degree wrist turn.

Also, the subtle yet effective 7-degree angle works wonders for smoothing out the lifting motion. How? Because it mimics the natural human bar path (nobody lifts completely vertically). As a result, you can feel your muscles working more intensely during each rep, which naturally produces a stronger pump and a deeper stretch—two critical factors for muscle growth itself.

As with the Olympic Smith machine package that I spoke about above (also called the GS348QP4), the squat rack keeps us out of trouble with it's heavy-duty 17" safety catches. These safety catches enable us to train to failure (and thus trigger faster muscle gains) because we know that if we fail on a rep, we can relieve the strain by simply dropping the bar on the stoppers.

large strength training machine with free weight rack

Furthermore, with 14 adjustable positions, we can set the safety catches to the optimal height for our body shape and for the particular exercise that we're performing. This adjustability also applies to the bar hooks. And, most importantly, it affords us more comfortable lift-off and re-racking positions, which can actually make us stronger because we don't have to overstretch to get the barbell out of the J-Hooks.

  • 7-degree angle for a natural lifting motion
  • Comes with pec deck and preacher attachments for isolation exercises
  • Bench has a 450kg capacity and heavily-padded leg developer
  • Includes a convenient 95kg selectorised weight stack
  • Best Smith machine under 2000 GBP
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Requires a lot of space (if you get the package)
  • Lengthy assembly

5. TuffStuff CSM-725WS (best Smith machine multi gym)

woman in gymwear doing squats

The light commercial TuffStuff CSM-725WS is by far the most pricey product featured in this Smith machine review. However, if you're seeking a luxury Smith machine multi gym that rivals the quality of commercial products, then you may have just found your match.

For the price of an entry-level automobile with road tax and insurance, the TuffStuff CSM-725WS gets you seven workout stations: a Smith machine with weight stack, squat rack, lat pulldown, cable row, functional trainer, pull up station and an adjustable bench. However, unlike a reasonably-priced car, it requires only minimal maintenance, comes with a lifetime warranty and will probably make your friends jealous.

TuffStuff equips the CSM-725WS with self-aligning linear bearings to keep the Olympic-sized barbell straight and to ensure that both sides of your body receive equal work. As a result, the bar path feels incredibly fluid—a lot like lifting free weights— and your chance of developing unsightly muscle imbalances is greatly reduced.

man doing cable chest presses

Because the barbell is Olympic-sized, it's much sturdier and is also far easier to grip than a regular counterbalanced Smith machine bar. Obviously, a firmer grip enables you to produce more pressing power, which is one of the key drivers behind strength (and thereby muscle) development.

As with the more affordable Body Solid Series 7, the CSM-725WS has a subtle 7-degree slant built into its frame to provide a natural range of motion. What this means to you is that you're able to recruit more muscle fibres and stimulate faster hypertrophy because your joints are already aligned in their biomechanically-optimal positions.

Of course, this also reduces your injury risk since you're not forced into any unnatural movement patterns.

Yet you can also take the concept of natural movement patterns a step further by lifting free weights in the half rack station, whose safety catches are rated to a hefty 362kg. Ironically, this whopping weight capacity makes the CSM-725WS sturdier and stabler than most self-styled commercial-grade Smith machines (and much more so than the BodyMax CF380).

athletic man doing heavy barbell curls

That said, the most striking feature of the squat rack station for any strength training-enthusiast is undoubtedly the wing-lock J-Hooks. Unlike regular bar holders, you don't need to detach the wing-lock J-Hooks from the frame to reposition them. Instead, you simply pull a small adjustment tab and—as if by magic—the J-Hooks glide up and down the rack like a cable column.

Clearly, this ease of adjustment makes the CSM-725WS an excellent choice for performing supersets and high-intensity weight lifting. Albeit, a fairly expensive one.

The three cable stations—lat pulldown, functional trainer, cable row—come equipped with dual 90kg weight stacks that, like the Smith machine, provide an irresistibly smooth lifting motion that's reflective of the CSM-725WS's light commercial profile.

  • Smith machine is rated for 272kg
  • Half rack safety stoppers support 362kg
  • Comes with a built-in lat pulldown, cable row and dual adjustable pulleys
  • Includes 10 storage pegs for weight plates
  • Lifetime in-home warranty
  • Expensive
  • Requires quite a lot of space

6. Powertec Roller Smith Machine (most compact Smith machine)

fitness model doing squats with good technique

The Powertec Roller Smith Machine is a best-seller here in the UK and has been on the market for over ten years, benefiting from several major upgrades along the way. One such update is the addition of the eight bearing-driven wheels, which provide more precise tracking for the barbell by enabling it to glide up and down the guide rods without any friction.

This new design results in a whisper-quiet, and hence, a remarkably smooth lifting motion that's symbolic of Powertec's commitment to providing commercial-quality workouts at home.

As a strength-training-focused company, it wasn't surprising to see that Powetec opted to equip their Roller Smith Machine with a solid 20kg Olympic barbell. Unlike the flimsy bars that you find on the typical counter balance Smith machine, Powertec's knurled Olympic barbell is much easier to grip—enabling you to generate more pressing power—and offers a considerably higher weight capacity. In this case, an impressive 204kg.

muscular man doing weighted lunges

Of course, this inherent sturdiness makes the Roller Smith Machine a brilliant investment for advanced lifters who want to test the limits of their strength. However, it's an equally reliable choice for beginners who want to enjoy the benefits of barbell training, but who also demand a high degree of safety.

And with 12 steel lockout points that enable you to re-rack the barbell at any time during a set, it's clear to see that Powertec is serious about user safety.

Yet even if the unthinkable happens—the one-in-a-million mistake—and you accidentally drop the barbell, then you don't have to panic. Because you know that Powertec's adjustable spring-loaded safety catches will always have your back. Consequently, you obtain that priceless peace of mind that everybody craves: you can push to failure and aim for new PRs without worrying about getting pinned underneath the barbell.

workout machine with weights on each side

The Roller Smith's heavy-duty 12 gauge steel construction is another reliable indication that Powertec is in the business of creating only the best Smith machines. How this benefits us is that the frame doesn't wobble around while we're working out, thereby enabling us to lift harder and heavier (hence Powertec's willingness to give us a lifetime frame warranty).

On the storage side of things, Powertec includes two angled weight pegs that allow us to keep our workout area tidy and, as a result, free from potential trip hazards. Also, since the weight prongs are angled, the plates can't slide off, which again helps us to avoid injury.

If you're at all familiar with Powertec, you'll know that they specialise in customisable leverage gyms, where you can essentially create your own plate loaded home gym by choosing from a selection of attachments. Well, their Roller Smith machine is no different.

man doing a leg press exercise

With some creativity and a bit of budget behind you, you can pick and mix over 10 attachments (including a Smith machine lat pulldown) and transform your machine into a fully-fledged home gym. I won't spoil the fun, but basically, if you're remotely into strength training, you'll feel like a kid in a candy shop when you're effectively watching your dream home gym take shape before your eyes.

  • Gone through 10+ years of improvements
  • Extremely fluid bar path
  • One of the most compact Smith machines
  • Strong 204kg weight rating
  • 12 steel safety lockout points
  • Great Smith machine with lat pulldown option
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Only two storage pins
  • 20kg starting weight might be too much for beginners

7. Life Fitness Optima Series (best commercial Smith machine)

strength training equipment in the weight room of a fitness centre

If you're wondering which Smith machine to buy for your fitness facility, then the Life Fitness Smith Machine might just make your decision that bit easier.

This linear Smith machine has a built-in 7-degree frame angle to mimic the human body's natural movement patterns. What this means for you and your members is that you're able to achieve better muscle stimulation and a more effective workout because your joints are already aligned in their optimal position [1].

The benefits of this are especially noticeable during the bench press, where having a slight angle to your lockout makes you significantly stronger by better activating your triceps.

large workout device with weights

Also, with a 20kg starting weight, this isn't your typical flimsy Smith bar (which you often find on lower quality counter balanced Smith machine systems). Instead, it makes training more enjoyable by providing users with a familiar free weight feeling. And when combined with the 220kg weight capacity, it supplies up to 240kg of resistance [2] [3].

As one of the biggest fitness companies in the world, it's no surprise that Life Fitness is big on safety—and their Smith machine gets the full treatment. It has 11 steel bar hooks so that users can re-rack the barbell at virtually any point during their set with a simple forward wrist turn.

Naturally, this user-friendly design makes the Life Fitness Optima one of the top choices for commercial gym owners because it allows their members to train safely without a partner. Also check out their Hammer Strength Smith Machine if you're wanting to buy Smith machine systems for a commercial facility.

big strength training machine with a squat rack

But since the Optima also has a built-in squat rack, it's an excellent investment for smaller commercial gyms who're working with limited space and/or budget. The squat rack has 14 lockout points and as such, enables users to perform a variety of different exercises without needing to make any adjustments.

On the theme of saving space, Life Fitness also equips their Optima Smith machine with eight storage pegs and a barbell holder. With this built-in storage, you won't need to clutter up your facility with cumbersome weight disc tress, meaning that you'll have more space for equipment (and an all-around less claustrophobic training environment for members). Overall, it's a fantastic commercial grade Smith machine.

fitness equipment in a weight room of a gymnasium
  • Biomechanically-optimal 7-degree angle
  • Includes a familiar 20kg barbell
  • Smith machine has 11 safety hooks
  • 8 weight plate storage pegs
  • Includes a built-in squat rack with 14 lockout points
  • Pretty expensive
  • Need quite high ceiling


What's the best home gym Smith machine?

Based on my testing of over 40 different Smith machines, the best Smith machine for home use is the Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting Machine.

How much does a Smith machine cost?

When you want to buy a Smith machine cheap, the cost is undoubtedly an important consideration. So how much is a Smith machine? On average, a Smith machine in the UK costs £1500 without weights or a bench.

You can save a nominal amount of money by getting a used Smith machine. However, second hand Smith machines are notoriously poor quality in the UK (and sometimes even downright dangerous).

If we're talking about buying a 3D Smith machine, then the prices are even higher—usually around £2500-£4500. But in my opinion, they've not worth the money. In fact, I think they're a gimmick.

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Where can I check the latest Smith machine prices?

You can click the link to shop for Smith machines in the UK, the USA and elsewhere. From there you can compare more models, prices, etc.

I'm working with a limited budget. What cheap Smith machine should I get?

I recommend the Powerline PSM144X because it has the lowest Smith machine price tag in the UK. Yes, it's only a basic model. But it's more than sufficient for home workouts. Plus, it has a variety of upgrades than you can buy at a later date (or as part of a package deal) to create your own Smith machine with pulley system.

Powerline Smith Machine
  • Includes 14 reinforced steel lockout points for extra safety
  • Friction-free lifting motion decreases joints strain and maximises muscle recruitment
  • Offered at rock-bottom UK pricing during August 2022
man performing a resistance training exercise

What Smith machine power rack combo do you recommend?

Go for the Body Solid Series 7 Smith Gym because it has a 272kg weight rating and comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you're on a budget, the Body Power Smith Half Rack is also an excellent option.

Where can I get a Smith machine with bench?

If you want a sturdy bench, then I recommend investing in the TuffStuff CXT-200 because the optional bench has 7 adjustable angles, a 272kg weight capacity and also comes with a lifetime warranty—hence why it's widely considered the top Smith machine for home gym and light commercial use.

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What Smith machine accessories should I buy for my home gym?

At a minimum, you'll need weights and a bench. But if you enjoy free weight training, then it might be worth picking up an Olympic barbell and some dumbbells. However, some of the products mentioned in my Smith machine review already come with a bench—cables too—so it's a good idea to double-check the product description before you place your order for any Smith machine attachments.

The verdict: What's the best Smith machine for the money?

Based on more than 40 home gym Smith machine reviews, the best Smith machine for the money is the Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting Machine.

bodybuilder training his lower body

Besides boasting the most fluid Smith weight machine on the UK market, this luxury workout system has cables galore. In fact, this isn't even a Smith machine, because you're effectively getting a fully-fledged home gym.

Here's what I mean.

For less than the cost of a crap used car, you get a lat pulldown, a low row, a functional trainer, a pull-up station and of course, the 245kg-strong Smith machine.

And that doesn't even include the 7 training accessories or the amazing (and surprisingly affordable) upgrades.

The icing on the cake?

Because these 5 sturdy training stations are all commercial-grade, the CXT-200 comes with an ironclad lifetime warranty on everything—you'll never need to buy gym equipment again. Plus, at the current UK sale price during August 2022, you're getting a bargain if you're based in Britain.

Similarly, the Body Power Smith Half Rack is a great mid-range option if you don't need cables. It's an affordable, UK-exclusive Smith machine that comes with a squat rack, pull-up station, landmine station, dipping handles, a suspension trainer attachment and, of course, a heavy-duty Smith machine.

weight training machine with weights on either side

But if you're on a budget, and still want to get your hands on one of the best Smith machine home gym systems, then I recommend picking up the inexpensive Powerline PSM144X.

It's a fantastic replacement for barbell training because it has a 181kg weight rating and provides a really smooth lifting motion. You don't get all the bells and whistles of some of the other products that you saw in these Smith machines reviews, but it has everything that you need for an intense home workout. And word has it that the PSM144X is on sale until the end of August 2022, so it looks like you could grab yourself a bargain if you act fast.

Thanks for reading my Smith machine review post! I hope that you enjoyed my countdown of the seven best Smith machines UK edition. And hopefully, you can decide which piece of equipment is right for you.

#1 Smith machine
Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting Machine
strength training system with weights
  • Sturdiest frame and highest weight capacity (1000lbs) on the market
  • Has a smoother lifting motion than any other Smith machine
  • Countless re-racking points for A-grade training safety
  • Save money and create your dream home gym by customising your IM2000 with a variety of attachments
  • Currently offered at rock-bottom pricing during August 2022


James Jackson
I'm a former academy rugby union player who specialises in strength and conditioning for competitive athletes. I split my time between coaching the next generation of British talent and creating hands-on gym equipment case studies at Smith Machine UK.
At Smith Machine UK, we create in-depth tests of the latest and greatest gym equipment on the British market so that you can create your dream home gym.
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