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Tunturi SM60 Half Smith review: Pros, cons and safety features

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 4th January 2021

Tunturi was founded in 1922 when two Finnish brothers, Aarne and Eero Harkke, decided to start a bicycle shop in Turku, Finland to help locals fix their bikes. But it wasn't long before they hit the big time. By 1969, the Finns had developed the first exercise bike with an ergometer, which they called the Tunturi W1.

After selling over one million of these compact exercise bikes domestically, the brand's international popularity exploded, and by the 1990s, Tunturi was well on its way to becoming the leading Scandanavian fitness brand.

Since then, Tunturi has bulked up its product line extensively, particularly in the resistance training department, which is what this Smith machine review is all about.

Let's get into this Tunturi SM60 review!

compact workout machine for building muscle
  • Smith bar has an impressive 140kg weight rating
  • Densley-padded leg developer adds muscle to your quads and hamstrings
  • Adjustable preacher pad bulks up your biceps by eliminating cheating
  • Comes with adjustable safety stops so you can train without a spotter
  • Includes guidance on how to train for strength and how to build muscle
  • Has a compact footprint and a lightweight, yet sturdy frame
  • No plate storage
  • Doesn't come with any weights

Tunturi SM60 Half Smith facts and figures

The Tunturi SM60 Half Smith is a compact home gym that combines a 140kg-capacity Smith machine, an adjustable preacher pad and a fully-functioning leg developer, into one affordable workout system. Naturally, the SM60 is a popular choice among Europeans who want to achieve an intense full-body workout at home, but who don't have space (or budget) for several standalone gym machines.

man doing biceps exercises

With a starting weight of just 7kg, the SM60 is ideal for helping beginners to learn the proper form without overstressing their bodies too soon. Yet, with a 140kg weight capacity, it's equally useful for advanced weightlifters who're seeking to build serious muscle mass and test their strength levels in a safe environment.

The Smith machine-design enables you to push yourself to the limits in complete safety (and hence, achieve faster results) because you can re-rack the barbell with a simple turn of the wrist.

Likewise, the dual adjustable safety catches negate the need for a spotter by preventing the bar from travelling below a certain point, which you can completely customise before your set.

Similarly, the bench offers a variety of adjustments so that you can build a proportional chest by performing incline bench press as well as a traditional flat bench press.

  • Dimensions: 180cm L x 186cm W x 178cm H
  • Unit weight: 55kg
  • Weight capacity: 140kg
  • Type of bearings: ultra-glide bushings
  • Workout stations: adjustable bench, leg station, preacher curl pad
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: Check Current Price

Tunturi SM60 workout stations

Smith machine

muscualr man bench pressing

As mentioned, the Smith machine has a 7kg starting weight, making the SM60 a dependable home gym for beginners who want to learn the correct technique without overexerting their bodies.

Likewise, serious lifters will also appreciate the Smith bar because it has thick knurling to help you maintain a firm grip on the barbell and thus generate more pressing power.

And with a 140kg weight rating, you can definitely put your newly acquired pressing power to good use. When you combine the bar weight with the maximum amount of plates, you can work out with up to 147kg, which is plenty of resistance to build some serious mass.

By default, the Smith machine offers decline press, flat press and incline press. But you can also use the bench for movements such as sit-ups, dumbbell rows, dumbbell shoulder presses and many more upper body exercises.

spotter catches

You can adjust the bench between 4 positions; -10°, 0°, 15°, and 30°, to work your muscles from different angles and achieve faster rates of muscle growth.

Tunturi also enables you to use both 1" standard plates and 2" Olympic discs on the Smith bar with the help of convenient adapter sleeves. This versatility means that you can get a better deal on weight plates because you're not shackled to any particular size. More on that in a bit.

Leg developer

Besides reminding you never to skip leg day, the heavily-padded leg developer provides quad extension and hamstring curl functionality. In the same way that the different bench press angles help you to build a proportional chest, the leg developer enables you to build a balanced lower body without the need for any extra equipment.

leg developer with weight discs

As such, the SM60 saves you both time and money compared to training in a crowded, public gym.

Furthermore, the adjustable bench enables you to perform lying hamstring curls in comfort because the bench is completely flat and the leg pads are covered in dense foam. There are no awkward bumps on the bench that dig into your stomach like a crystal dagger (as is often the case with other, lower-quality home gyms).

Check out the Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer if you want a home gym that also comes with cables.

Preacher curl

preacher curl bench attachment

Although I don't recommend doing so, with the addition of the preacher pad, you can make every day of the week arm day, if that's your wish.

Regardless, the adjustable preacher curl station is ideal for growing bulky biceps because you can customise the height of the pad to fit your body shape. Naturally, this allows you to find the position that produces the deepest stretch and the most intense contraction—both of which are incredibly important factors in achieving a pump (and in building muscle).

Tunturi SM60 build quality

backrest of a weight bench

The Tunturi SM60 Half Smith is made from dense steel that comes with a powder coat finish to make the frame more resistant to wear and tear, thereby enabling you to lift harder and heavier.

The chrome guide rods have ultra glide bushings that provide a frictionless lifting motion so that you can get a better muscle pump and avoid any sudden sticking points that might hurt your joints.

Similarly, the bench includes a solid steel bar behind the backrest, which increases the SM60's weight capacity while also making it studier and safer to use.

weights on a barbell

Yet sturdy doesn't have to be synonymous with uncomfortable. Tunturi includes dense foam padding on the bench to support your back while also making training more comfortable in general. This design enables you to focus on getting an effective workout, rather than on the discomfort that would otherwise be rampaging throughout your back.

Likewise, Tunturi equips the leg station with thick padding to prevent your shins and calves from bruising during explosive lower body training. Now you can wear shorts without people thinking that you had some kind of accident!

Tunturi SM60 safety features

The Tunturi SM60 Half Smith is a very beginner-friendly home gym. The user manual includes guidance on how to warm up properly, how to lift for strength, how to train for endurance and how to build muscle. Collectively, these tips and tricks will help you to stay injury-free and get results faster if you're a novice.

bar hooks for safe lifting

Similarly, the bench press station includes many convenient hook points, which enables you to re-rack the barbell at almost any point during the rep with a straightforward turn of the wrist. This ease of use is particularly useful if you still want to enjoy the benefit of heavy bench pressing, but don't have a training partner to spot you.

But what if you've gone beyond the point of muscular failure and can't even re-rack the barbell?

Well, fear not. You won't have to scream for help!

Tunturi has equipped the SM60 with two adjustable safety catches so that you can keep yourself out of harm's way by preventing the bar from travelling below a predetermined point. So even in the event of muscular failure, you don't have to panic, because the safety stoppers will simply take the weight from you. At which point you can refocus and try again.

Tunturi SM60 assembly

The Tunturi SM60 is remarkably straightforward to install. The instructions have only 3 steps, which consist of crystal-clear diagrams showing you exactly where to connect each part so that you don't make any needless mistakes.

Likewise, Tunturi makes your life easier by telling you when to fully tighten the bolts, and when to just leave them loosely tightened. With this guidance, you won't have to waste time by redoing any of your work.

weight capacity of the tunturi sm60

They also include a handy maintenance guide so that you can keep your SM60 in full working order and enjoy its best effects for many, many years to come.

All in all, the assembly is simple, takes only a couple of hours (much less than the Weider Smith machine) and requires only basic tools. Namely, 2 adjustable spanners and some Allen keys. [1]

Tunturi SM60 exercises

Here are some of the best exercises that you can enjoy on the small but mighty Tunturi Half Smith:

  • Upper Body: decline presses, flat presses, incline presses, preacher curls, dumbbell rows, dumbbell lateral raises [2]
  • Core: sit-ups, crunches, reverse crunches, decline sit-ups [3]
  • Legs: lying hamstring curls, leg extensions, step-ups, split squats


Should beginners buy the SM60?

The Tunturi SM60 is an excellent investment for beginners because the Smith bar is easy to use, and you can achieve a full-body workout, ensuring even muscular development from the very first training session [4].

Is it any good for advanced lifters?

Yes, the Tunturi SM60 has a 140kg weight capacity for heavy bench pressing, which makes it especially useful for advanced weight lifters who want to work out at home.

However, if you want a home gym with more variety, then the Tunturi SM80 is probably a better option.

See below for an even better (and cheaper) alternative.

What's the verdict on Tunturi SM60?

The Tunturi SM60 Half Smith bundles a bench press, Smith machine, leg extension, hamstring curl and preacher curl station into one compact workout system. As such, it's an excellent choice if you want to train your entire body at home without cluttering your house with loads of different gym equipment.

With multiple barbell lockout points and adjustable safety catches, the SM60 is particularly useful if you often train alone like I do—you won't need a spotter to lift heavy with this affordable home gym.

However, considering that the bench obstructs many exercises (squats, shoulder press, rows, etc.), you might also find your workouts pretty limited and repetitive.

The Powerline PSM144X is the opposite in this regard because it's available as either a standalone Smith machine or as a part of 3 home gym package deals, enabling you to completely customise your own workout system.

Thanks for reading. I hope that my Tunturi SM60 review answered all of your questions. It's a great gym, but the Powerline Smith machine is simply unrivalled when it comes to value for money and customisation options.

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