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Titan Fitness Smith machine Review: Can it withstand heavy weights?

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 4th January 2021

You don't buy a Smith machine to put yourself in danger, you buy one so that you can test your strength without needing a spotter. Sadly, the average Smith machine, as I cruelly found out, is nothing more than an accident waiting to happen.

But how does the Titan Smith machine fare?

You'd think, wouldn't you, that having such a strong reputation among powerlifters and bodybuilders, that Titan Fitness would be capable of whipping up a pretty sturdy Smith machine.

But when it comes to workout safety, you can never do too much research, and you certainly don't want to make presumptions based off a good name in the industry. That's why I created a detailed Titan Smith machine review—to help you understand the pros and cons of this seemingly impressive workout system.

The Titan Fitness Smith Machine
  • Impressive 600lb weight capacity
  • Super simple assembly
  • 8 steel lockout points
  • Fully adjustable safety catches
  • 4 rubber feet pads for stability while lifting
  • Integrated counterbalance system
  • Knurled barbell for an enhanced grip
  • Free shipping
  • Goes out of stock due to popular demand
  • Need a fairly high ceiling

Titan Smith machine facts and figures

bumper plates on the storage pegs

Measuring 54" L x 66.5" W x 86" H and tipping the scales at 261lbs, the Tian Smith machine is clearly a solid piece of kit. Its steel construction fights off wear and tear while also enabling you to test your limits with an impressive 600lb weight capacity. That's over 200lbs above the industry average Smith machine weight capacity (based off my 50+ reviews).

On the safety side of things, Titan Fitness equips their Smith machine with 8 lockout points, which enables you to re-rack the knurled barbell with a simple turn of the wrist.

Similarly, the fully adjustable safety catches enable you to test your strength in complete confidence. Even if you fail a rep, and can't even muster up the effort to flick your wrist, then it doesn't matter, because the sturdy spotter catches will take the load.

side view showing the weight plate storage

One of my personal favourite features is the handy band pegs. Similar to chains, lifting with resistance bands helps you increase your strength faster by making the concentric part of the rep (and in particular, the lockout) much more challenging.

We're also treated to 6 8" Olympic plate posts, which means that we don't have to clutter our workout areas with clunky weight disc trees.

Although the Titan Smith machine may not be the most popular fitness product, it's an incredibly underrated piece of equipment. And by my reckoning, it's good enough to rival Smith machines that are twice as expensive.

Plus, at the current low price, you're getting an excellent deal.

  • Dimensions: 54" L x 66.5" W x 86" H
  • Unit weight: 261lbs
  • Weight capacity: 600lbs
  • Type of bearings: Linear
  • Estimated assembly time: 2-3 hours
  • Shipping cost: Free

Titan Smith machine design

close up of the bar hooks

Suppose you come from a barbell background like me. In that case, you'll naturally like the Titan Smith machine because it has much higher quality knurling than its main competitors. As a result, you won't have to have to worry about your sweaty palms interfering with your grip (and thereby your pressing power).

We also get a generous 13.25" of disc space on either side, meaning that you'll definitely be able to push close to that 600lb load capacity if you have the strength [1].

Perhaps the most impressive feature, though, is the counterbalance system. Not only is it an extreme rarity to find such a workout-enhancing feature at this price, but it also makes a world of difference to your muscle stimulation.

Olympic weight plate storage pegs

Rather than experiencing numerous bumps in the round, as you would with the average Smith machine, the lifting motion on the Titan Fitness Smith machine is exceptionally fluid. As a result, you get more out of each set, which ultimately means that you need to spend less time lifting to get the same results.

Oh, and having such a smooth bar path is just wonderful if you have messed up joints like me (thanks, powerlifting).

close up of the rubberized feet

If you're feeling adventurous, or just want to get strong as a bull, then you can use the integrated band pegs to incorporate variable resistance training into your exercise regime. Besides being a fun way to liven up your workouts, banded lifting is one of the most effective (and most underutilized) methods for busting through plateaus (and developing a ferocious lockout in the process).

On the storage side on the coin, we get 3 Olympic plate posts on each side of the frame. This helps you to keep your home gym free from unnecessary trip hazards. But it also means that you'll have more cash to spend on proper lifting gear. In other words, you don't have to fork out for weight disc trees.

Titan Smith machine build quality

Lift on the Titan Smith machine for more than 5 minutes, and you'll understand why it has a 600lb weight capacity—this thing is sturdy.

close up of the frame showing the company logo

Unlike other Smith machines, it won't precariously wobble around as you bang out your reps. Besides giving you the confidence to aim for new PRs, this inherent stability is great for preventing injuries because you can focus purely on your form instead of also having to balance the barbell. This is also what I like about the Valor Smith machine. It's just so robust for the price.

Yet despite the sturdy construction, this heavyweight beast of a Smith machine is far from unruly. Since it comes complete with 4 rubber feet pads, the frame won't leave scuff marks all over your floor, which also means that you don't have to buy expensive equipment mats.

Titan Smith machine safety features

I enjoy tossing around barbells as much as the next guy. But I'll be the first to admit that free weights aren't exactly the safest training tool.

steel lockouts for the Smith machine

And it's not as if Smith machines like this or the Yukon Fitness Caribou iii are a silver bullet for staying safe. But on the flip side, they offer much more of what I call "high level" protection that free weights.

What I mean by this is that while Smith machines may not save your joints any more than barbells, they will save you from much more severe injuries because providing that you set the spotter catches, you can't drop the weight on yourself [2].

The Titan Smith machine, in particular, is a high performer in the safety department. In addition to 8 steel lockout points, it boats a set of fully adjustable safety catches that will take the load if you fail on a rep. If only the average gym spotter was this dependable.

Titan Smith machine assembly

I've assembled countless Smith machines in my time, and one thing's for sure: most instructions suck. Seriously, how am I meant to decipher half-translated Chinese?

Anyway, Titan Fitness bucks the vagueness trend by giving us a simple, 4-step assembly manual with clear and concise textual instructions as well as helpful diagrams. So even if you're a fumbling meathead, you won't have any issues with the setup because the instructions are so easy to understand

My only advice is to lay out all the parts before you start. This way, you only have to hunt for components once, rather than at every step.

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What are the dimensions of the Titan Smith machine?

The Titan Fitness Smith machine measures 54" L x 66.5" W x 86" H.

How fluid is the barbell motion?

The Titan SMith machine with weights and a bench

Since the Titan Smith machine comes with an integrated counterbalance system, the lifting motion is incredibly smooth. Even though this Smith machine is mainly intended for home use, you won't experience any set-destroying sticking points like you will with the sea of average Smith machines that plague the market. This machine is a breath of fresh air!

What weights should I buy for the Titan Smith machine?

Any weights will do. But if you want to take advantage of Titan's generous free shipping, then I recommend their 245lb cast iron weight disc set.

Not only do these plates have a badass, old-school look to them (they look much nicer than rubber discs), but they're also incredibly robust thanks to their silver hammered finish. Oh, and they're a fair bit cheaper than the weight plates of Titan's competitors, which makes the current deal even sweeter.

Which weight bench goes best with this Smith machine?

Again, any bench will do providing that it's sturdy. But if you want what many believe to be the ideal mix of quality and value, then I recommend the affordable Incline Bench V2.

Besides its obviously appealing price tag, this heavy-duty bench offers excellent value for money because it comes packed with more features than most benches on the market while being considerably cheaper.

This newly upgraded version comes with a stabler base and rubber feet, which enables you to lift much heavier without the frame wobbling.

Similarly, the 11 gauge steel construction and 650lb weight capacity enable you to aim for new personal records without worrying about whether your bench will hold up—the Incline Bench V2 certainly can.

The new version retains the same adjustability of the previous model. You can switch between flat, upright and variety of incline positions, which enables you to achieve faster results by hitting your muscles from different angles.

Do you need flooring to use this machine safely?

Since Titan's Smith machine comes equipped with protective rubber feet, flooring isn't necessary to enjoy this machine's best effects. However, if you're integrating the unit as part of a larger home gym setup that involves free weights, then the affordable Titan Rubber Gym Flooring is a great, reliable option if you want something non-slip.

Is the Titan Smith machine a wise purchase?

Whether you're a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or just someone who loves to lift, you'll get a ton of gains from the highly-rated Titan Smith machine. Not many other Smith machines offer such impressive durability while also delivering a smooth range of motion. But it looks like Titan Fitness has cracked the code.

It's compact enough to fit in your home gym but sturdy enough to thrive alongside your increasing strength. If you want to get in that all-important training volume without needing a clumsy spotter, then you can end your hunt here: the Titan Smith machine is truly a must-have piece of gym equipment if you want to prevent injuries and work out in complete peace of mind.

Editor's Choice
Titan Fitness Smith Machine
The Titan Fitness Smith Machine
  • 600lb-strong frame easily resists wear and tear
  • Friction-free bar path for a stronger mind-muscle connection
  • No-hassle assembly
  • Free Shipping
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