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Technogym Smith Machine: Learn why over 32,000 gyms choose this trustworthy Italian brand to kit out their facilities

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 4th January 2021

Technogym is a famous gym equipment manufacturer based in sunny Cesena, Italy. They were the official supplier for athletic training at the Rio Olympics and tody, over 50,000 people use their machines daily in health clubs and fitness facilities around the globe. But like many great brands, they grew from humble beginnings...

Nerio Alessandri, only 22 years old at the time, designed and built the first Technogym machine in his garage during 1983, the same year that he founded the company with his brother Pierluigi. The brand name was naturally birthed from Alessandri's passion for both technology and sports.

One year later, in 1984, Technogym embarked on their maiden voyage into commercial fitness by launching the Isotonic line of strength training machines.

By the late '80s, Technogym was beginning to reach fever pitch in Italy, becoming the official equipment supplier to world-renowned football teams, such as AC Milan, and also to iconic athletes, like Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher.

By the early 90s, Nerio Alessandri had switched gears to focus on using physical exercise for health instead of self-indulgence (unlike much of the industry at the time).

technogym Headquaters
The Incredible Technogym Village is located in beautiful Cesena

Fast-forward to the present day, and you'll see that Technogym has stayed close to its roots. The brand is still innovating like the two-man company was in 1982. But now they're improving wellness on a global scale with the likes of their Skillrun and Skillbike.

Today I'm focusing on the Technogym Smith Machine, which I first used at my local health club (back when it was grey) more than seven years ago. Recently, I tried their updated Multipower machine to see what improvements they'd made and to find out if it was the best Smith machine for health clubs to invest in.

Technogym Multipower facts and figures

technogym multipower

The Technogym Multipower Machine has over 20 lockout points and a light starting weight, making it both safe and accessible to users of all ability levels. You can re-rack the bar at virtually any point during a set with a simple turn of the wrist, eliminating the need for a spotter.

Likewise, the yellow safety catches contrast effortlessly with the sleek black frame, which encourages gym members to deploy them before they start lifting—thereby reducing injury risk.

Technogym also includes 6 storage pegs to encourage users to put their weights away, which naturally results in a tidy and trip-hazard-free workout area for both gym owners and members.

  • Dimensions: 138cm L x 209.7cm W x 222.1cm H
  • Dimensions (inches): 54" L x 86" W x 87" H
  • Unit weight: 225kg
  • Starting weight: 8kg
  • Type of bearings: linear
  • Lockout points: 20+

Technogym Smith Machine design


The Multipower Smith Machine has a luxurious black finish that makes it a fitting addition to the weight area of any modern health club.

A hidden benefit of this quality finish is that scratches and scuff marks don't show as easily. Naturally, this reduces maintenance and repair costs for the gym owner. But it also keeps the machine looking sleek and professional for many years to come, providing a more pleasant workout experience for members.


The counterbalanced barbell has an 8kg starting resistance, making it ideal for beginners to learn the proper form without overexerting themselves or becoming intimidated by excessive weight.

technogym smith machine

Yet the precise vertical motion of the barbell is also a handy training ally for the advanced lifter. Unlike a free weight barbell, the Multipower Smith Machine enables you to train specific body parts without having to worry about stabilising the weight.

This ease of use improves your mind-muscle connection and reduces your mental burden because you know that re-racking the barbell is always just a small wrist turn away.


Weight disc trees are a necessary feature within any health club that wants to maintain an organised workout environment. However, besides storage, they offer little value for gym members. And even then, this convenience comes at the expense of space—space which could otherwise be used for extra health-enhancing equipment.

Technogym has equipped their Multipower Smith Machine with 6 storage pegs that reduce the need for bulky weight disc tress.

Besides saving space, the storage pegs encourage users to put their weights away, thereby removing trip hazards from the gym floor.

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Technogym Smith Machine build quality

Man working out his legs

With an impressive 225kg unit weight deserving of Technogym's reputation for durability, it's no surprise that their Multipower Smith machine is also incredibly sturdy.

There was no shaking or wobbling during any of my exercises, including heavy bench presses, squats and rows.

Likewise, the bar felt extremely secure in my hands because there was plenty of knurling to grip, which also produced the familiar feeling of lifting a free weight barbell (but with the added safety of a Smith machine).

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Technogym Smith Machine safety features

Like a lighthouse guiding a ship back the shore, the importance of the bright yellow safety catches is immediately apparent to anyone who uses the Technogym Multipower.

The safety catches are durable and capable of withstanding heavy impact. Even more so with the addition of two rubber safety stoppers, which add an extra layer of protection during maximal lifts.

Yet even inexperienced gym users can adjust the catches by hooking them onto one of the intuitive steel lockout points. Only a few other brands, such as Precor, do this well.

Overall, it's clear to see that Technogym has placed a significant emphasis on user safety by making the bar catches stand out from the main unit. Other brands and their design teams should take notes.

How much does a Technogym Smith Machine bar weigh?

The bar on the Technogym Multipower weighs 19kg by default. However, the counterbalance system creates a starting resistance of just 8kg.

Is it right for your health club?

the technogym village at night
The Technogym Village at night

Whenever I'm travelling and walk into a health club with Technogym machines, I smile.

Because I know I'm going to have a great workout.

I don't own a gym or health club myself. But I've been using Technogym equipment, including their Smith machine, for over seven years now. And as a user, I can tell you that their machines really produce a positive effect on both mind and body, just as founder Nerio Alessandri intended [2] [3].

My most recent workout on the Technogym Multipower Smith Machine only confirms my belief. The resistance was smooth, the frame felt stable and the barbell was remarkably comfortable to grip.

Overall, it's an excellent machine, and I'm pleased to see a big emphasis on user safety and wellbeing.

James Jackson
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