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Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System review: Is it really commercial grade?

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 13th March 2021

If you're on the market for a good Smith machine with weight stack, then the Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System is undoubtedly a choice that springs to mind. After all, how many workout systems can replace a Smith machine, squat rack and functional without sacrificing on quality?

This review will clear up all the questions you have about the Stealth Monster Rack System. So let's get into it…

Primal Strength STealth Monster Rack System
  • Smith machine has real linear bearings
  • Includes a 100kg functional trainer
  • Comes with 11 training attachments
  • Tested to withstand over 400kg
  • Multi-grip pull-up stations
  • Dip handles have both close and wide grips
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Weight stacks have a 2:1 weight ratio (though this is very much standard)
  • No leg press like their commercial version

Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System facts and figures

The Primal Strength Stealth Rack replaces more than 3 common gym machines while taking up less space than any single one of them. For the price of a mediocre used car, we get a Smith machine, half rack, functional trainer and 3 bodyweight workout stations. Unlike a used automobile, however, it won't pack in after a few years of moderate use, and you certainly won't need to replace the parts every couple of years.

Like much of their strength training equipment, Primal Strength's Stealth Monster Rack has been tested to withstand 400kg, giving it one of the highest loading capacities in the industry. So unsurprisingly, it also comes with a lifetime frame warranty that allows you to max out in complete peace of mind.

Although the Stealth model doesn't have the same range of stations as their commercial version (see my Primal Strength Commercial Monster Rack System review for more info), it retains all the same safety features. We get separate bar catches for the Smith machine and half-rack, which enables us to precisely dictate the lowest point to which the barbell can descend.

Now let's look at each workout station in more detail.

  • Dimensions: 140cm L x 205cm W x 230cm H
  • Unit weight: 225kg
  • Weight capacity: 400kg
  • Workout stations: Smith machine, half rack, functional trainer, pull-up station, dip bars, landmine attachment
  • Warranty: lifetime on frame, 2 years on cables and pulleys

Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System workout stations

Smith machine

The 8kg Smith bar has a 30mm diameter and commercial-grade knurling so that you can generate maximum pressing power by maintaining a firm grip on the bar. You'll no longer have to worry about your sweaty parts ruining your lifting rhythm.

You also won't have to contend with any friction either, because Primal Strength has equipped the Smith machine with linear bearings. The end result for me and you?

A completely smooth bar path that brings the commercial gym feeling to your home (or fitness studio).

Half rack

If you want a squat rack that can thrive alongside your increasing strength levels, then the Stealth Monster Rack is a great, affordable choice. It offers the same top quality J-hooks and spotters catches as the full commercial model while being a fair bit cheaper.

It also has laser-etched numbers and rack holes that won't succumb to wear and tear—unlike the cheap stickers that you find on many free weight racks [1].

Similarly, since the holes are close together, you're afforded more precision with your lift-off and re-racking positions. As a result, you'll increase your strength faster because you'll naturally waste less energy lifting the barbell out of the rack.

Functional trainer

The functional trainer has 2 100kg weight stacks in a 2:1 resistance ratio and increases in 5kg increments. This setup means that the weight lifted is essentially half of what's specified on the stack. While you might think this is a bad thing, it's simply due to the construction of the pulleys and the cables (which can withstand 1000kg btw) and is very much standard among cable machines—even commercial ones.

Unlike the average functional trainer, however, Primal Strength includes leg support for pulldowns so that you don't get dragged off your backside every time you train your lats.

I also like that the pulleys are height adjustable. It means that Primal Strength can offer a more compact unit because they don't need sperate high and low pulleys, which is useful if you're working with limited space. However, it also means that you can build muscle faster because you can hit your muscles—particularly your chest—from a variety of different angles.

Best of all?

The cables don't have any annoying friction that ruins your lifting rhythm. That alone is worth the price if you ask me.

Pull up station

With the pull-up station, you've got wide, medium, neutral, close and underhand grips to choose from. As a result, you can build a broad, thick back because you can hit your lats from different positions and recruit every last muscle fibre.

Also, thanks to the knurling, you can do weighted pull-ups and build a truly monstrous back without your grip giving out.

And, with even a modest amount of imagination, you can sculpt your core by training your abs with leg raises, knee tucks and so much more.

But if that's not enough to stimulate your primal testosterone, then you can hook some bands up to band pegs and work on your power and explosiveness.

Dip station

The dip station offers both close and wide grips so that you can build a more proportional physique by preferentially targetting your chest or triceps.

Also, the fact that the handles are made from durable aluminium and rubber makes the dip station both robust and comfortable to use. You won't have any metal digging into your delicate flesh when you do your dips on this contraption.

Landmine station

In the mind of a meathead bodybuilder, a landmine station is a tool for building a massive back (t-bar rows).

And while this training apparatus will do just that (diet permitting, of course), it's a genius invention for improving your dynamic strength. So if you (or your clients) want to become more athletic, you can take advantage of the countless functional training exercises that are available via this landmine station.

Also, check out the Primal Strength Commercial Olympic Smith Machine if you are just looking for a Smith machine rather than a full-on workout system.

Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System parts and frame

Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Gym equipment that shakes like a leaf while you're training on it.

Now, even as someone with the balls to charge down 20-stone men (used to play rugby), I still wouldn't max out on most light commercial machines.

That's why I was so happy to find out that the Stealth Monster Rack System has actually been tested to withstand 400kg. So there's really no need to worry about the unit wobbling around because this thing is sturdy.

Like their commercial model, the frame is made from 11 gauge steel. It's the strongest possible metal that you can use to make gym equipment, and it means that the maintenance for your Monster Rack is really hands-off. You won't have to replace the parts every couple of years because all the components have a hardened finish for extra durability, which makes this workout system a brilliant long term investment in your fitness.

There's also storage space for an Olympic bar and weight discs, meaning that you can keep your gym floor looking tidy and free from trip hazards.

Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System size and weight

The Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System is considerably more compact than its commercial version. And while a popular choice among fitness studio owners and hotels, it's also capable of fitting in most homes with relative ease.

It measures 140cm L x 205cm W x 230cm H and weighs 225kg. Plus, since it essentially replaces more than 5 workout stations, you're not only saving yourself a lot of money, but you're really maximising your workout space.

One thing's for sure; you won't need to buy any more gym equipment (besides weights and a bench, of course) when you invest in the Stealth Monster Rack System.

Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System safety features

Having a verified 400kg weight capacity is the ultimate safety feature. Since the frame doesn't have any unnerving wobbles, you really can push yourself to the limit with the peace of mind that the Monster Rack System can withstand your training intensity.

However, the fact that it has adjustable safety catches for both the Smith machine and squat rack is the icing on the cake because it means that you can fire your spotter and work out alone in maximum safety. No more risking it on that last rep—if you can't quite re-rack the barbell into the specially designed sandwich J-hooks, then you needn't worry, because the heavy-duty spotter catches have always got your back.

What's the verdict on the Stealth Monster Rack System?

If you're based in Britain and are looking for a workout system to cover all your resistance training needs, then investing in the Stealth Monster Rack System is a great choice—especially at the current price.

While most gym equipment manufacturers overpromise and underdeliver (as I found out the hard way), Primal Strength has bucked the trend by creating a training system that surpasses expectations every workout.

They say that the Stealth Monster Rack replaces 3 common gym machines. But actually, that doesn't do this beast of a workout system justice.

When you factor in the pulldown leg holder, the multi-grip chin-up station, the dip handles and the landmine station, you quickly realise that you're getting a fantastic deal because the Stealth Monster Rack replaces more than 7 workout stations—all for the price of less than one commercial machine.

Editor's Choice
Primal Strength Stealth Monster Rack System
Primal Strength STealth Monster Rack System
  • Linear bearing Smith machine produces a friction-free lifting motion
  • Unrivalled 400kg weight capacity
  • Includes 11 training attachments
  • Lifetime frame warranty
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