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Maxxus Multi Gym reviews: Learn how a popular German fitness brand engineered a new quality of Smith machine

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 4th January 2021
Most Training Variety
young man doing a shoulder press
Maxxus Multi Gym 10.1
Best Value
muscular man using a pec dec machine
Maxxus Multi Gym 9.1
Best For Chest
muscular man performing chest presses
Maxxus Multi Gym 8.1

Maxxus is a fitness-focused German company with more than 20 years of experience in producing home gym equipment. The popular European brand is the official supplier for The Biggest Loser Germany, and it has a strong reputation for quality and customer service among its growing user base.

And when you see their three Smith machine home gym systems, you'll soon learn why.

Each Maxxus Multi Gym comes with—at a minimum—a Smith machine, free weight rack, cable station, pull up handles, dipping bars and a 300kg-capacity bench. It's like bringing an entire suite of gym equipment home with you, except you only need one machine.

Let's get into the reviews to find out which Maxxus Home Gym is the best...

1. Maxxus Multi Gym 10.1 (most versatile)

The Maxxus Multi Gym 10.1 is the most versatile of all the Maxxus strength machines, offering over 10 workout stations and providing more than 5 accessories. If you're the type of person who thrives from havings lots of variety in your workout routine, then the Maxxus 10.1 is a sound investment because you'll never run out of exercise possibilities with this gym.

Smith machine

man performing a flat bench press

The Maxxus Smith machine consists of linear bearings on each end of the barbell that provide you with a smooth, frictionless bar path. Besides being a reliable indicator of good manufacturing, the fluid lifting motion helps you to achieve a more potent pump because you can feel your muscles contracting more forcefully during each rep. Obviously, this leads to faster muscle growth if your diet is on point, too.

As a keen bodybuilder, I was brimming with excitement when I discovered that the Maxxus Multigym 10.1 has a whopping 300kg weight capacity. You wouldn't believe how many gyms max out at 150kg these days. It's as if some companies want to keep us weak!

Anyhow. Since the Smith station also has 12 lockout points, you can test your strength and train to failure without needing a spotter. And even if you can't lock out that final rep, you don't have to panic and scream for help. Instead, you can simply re-rack the bar at any point during the set with a simple forward wrist turn.

young man doing back squats

Of course, with a hefty 300kg weight capacity (which is unheard of for multi gyms) this Smith station is excellent for building muscle at home. It's no wonder that advanced lifters from all over Europe flock to it.

Yet, it's also extremely beginner-friendly. You see, the barbell weighs 20kg—just like an Olympic barbell.

However, Maxxus has equipped their 10.1 Multigym with an ingenious counterbalance system that reduces the starting resistance to just 5kg. Naturally, this low starting resistance is incredibly useful for novices because it allows them to learn the proper form without injuring themselves by lifting too much weight too soon.

But the best feature of the Smith machine station, in my opinion, is that converts into a fully-fledged free weight rack with only a few minor adjustments. Clearly, this makes the Maxxus 10.1 a top choice for building muscle at home because you get the benefits of free weights and the benefits of machines in the same home gym.

Weight bench

weight bench with preacher pad

The weight bench measures 195cm L x 56cm W x 108cm H and, like the Smith machine, has a sturdy 300kg weight capacity. But just so you know, this isn't the kind of bench that wobbles around when you lift heavy. It's exceptionally stable, and as a result, it helps you to generate more pressing power because you have a sturdier base to lift from.

It's also a reliable bench for bodybuilding because it has adjustable angles—decline, flat, incline, upright— that allow you to build a proportional, aesthetic physique (especially with regards to your chest).

muscular man doing seated leg extensions

Maxxus also makes your bench easy to reposition by equipping it with convenient transport wheels, which means that you don't have to risk a lower back injury by awkwardly picking up the bench.

Better yet, Maxxus has also built a heavily-padded leg developer and adjustable preacher curl station straight into the bench. Not only does this integrated design save space compared to housing these machines separately, but it also saves you a lot of money compared to buying the two workouts stations individually.

Moreover, with a sizeable 100kg weight capacity, you can add serious mass to your legs and biceps. And since both stations include a generous amount of padding, you can build up your muscles in comfort—no more bruises on your shins after doing heavy leg extensions!

Duplex station

The duplex station is essentially an upgraded functional trainer. You'll see what I mean in just a second.

After having tested hundreds of pieces of home gym equipment, I can confidently say that the average cable machine provides approximately 65-75kg of resistance.

man doing cable curls

Granted, the Maxxus 10.1 doesn't come with an integrated weight stack. However, it does provide double the resistance-potential of your average cable machine (150kg)

This resistance potential makes the Maxxus Multigym 10.1 a great choice if you're trying to build mass rather than just get toned because you'll have a hard time ever liting 150kg on cable exercises. But this is doubly beneficial because you won't need to upgrade your Maxxus 10.1 in a few years—if ever.

I'm a big believer in doing heavy lat pulldowns for the back. So naturally, I was thrilled to see that Maxxus equipped the 10.1 with an adjustable, densely-padded leg holder for pulldowns. Few home gym companies offer this feature, which is a shame, because it keeps your core stable and enables you to generate more pulling power, which in turn results in developing a wider, thicker back.

Rowing station

While many home gyms offer a low pulley these days, few actually come with a purpose-built low row station. As a result, you have to awkwardly position your feet against the frame, which makes getting a deep enough stretch for muscle growth nearly impossible.

a strength training system with various workout stations

I don't know if it's their 20 years of gym equipment experience of some nifty German Engineering, but Maxxus does things differently. They equip the 10.1 Multigym with a low pulley, which you can use to bulk up your arms, shoulders and legs. However, they also include a dedicated cable row footplate so that you can achieve complete back development by attaining a full stretch and intense contraction in your lats and traps.

Of course, the extra range of motion that the footplate affords us is bound to lead to a more muscular back with an appropriate diet. But the footplate serves another purpose, too. It makes you stronger at rowing because you can push your feet in the opposite direction as you row the bar towards your abs, which enables you to generate more pulling power.

You'll also notice a landmine attachment to the right-hand side of the low pulley. I like to use this for doing heavy t-bar rows, which is another excellent mass-builder for the back. However, you can also use the landmine attachment for a variety of functional training exercises, such as landmine presses and landmine squats, which are great for building a stronger core.

Bodyweight training stations

young man doing chin ups

This Maxxus total gym helps you to develop greater bodyweight strength by providing adjustable dipping bars and a multi-grip pull-up station.

The dipping handles save space by connecting directly to the frame, which also affords them a higher weight rating since the framework can easily support 300kg. More importantly, the dip handles have two different grip options—one wider and one close—so that you can achieve more balanced muscle growth by emphasising different regions of your upper body.

Similarly, Maxxus has engineered the pull-up station so that it's built directly into the frame, which again, affords it a higher weight capacity than if it was just a standalone attachment. It's also clear that Maxxus has designed the pull up handles with muscle growth firmly in mind because they include a variety of different grip options: wide, wide-neutral, medium, close, close-neutral.

man doing bodyweight dips

Collectively, these grips enable you to develop a more symmetrical back because you can hit your lats and traps from different angles.

But even with a moderate amount of imagination, you can also use the pull-up handles to sculpt more prominent ab muscles by performing hanging leg raises.

Overall, I much prefer the 10.1 to the likes of the BodyMax Smith Machine or their BodyMax CF680T—the quality is just all-around higher.

  • Replaces over 10 common gym machines
  • Smooth Smith machine resistance
  • Massive 300kg weight capacity on the Smith machine and bench
  • Comes with over 5 accessories
  • Bench adjusts to decline, flat, incline and upright angles
  • Includes a 24-month warranty
  • Requires a fair amount of space
  • Doesn't come with weights

2. Maxxus Multi Gym 9.1 (best value)

The Maxxus Multi Gym 9.1 is the best value out of all the Maxxus strength machines. It includes the same workout stations as the 10.1 but comes with fewer accessories and has fixed high pulleys instead of adjustable pulleys. However, it includes a built-in pec deck station for isolating your chest, whereas the 10.1 doesn't.

Smith machine

This Smith machine is virtually identical to the one that you saw me talk about in my Maxxus Multi Gym 10.1 review. So I won't bore you with all repetitive details. But just in case you forgot the pros and cons, here's a quick refresher.

resistance training system with weights and a workout bench

This Smith station is rated for a hefty 300kg and doubles up as a squat rack, which enables you to seamlessly move between machine-based exercises and free weight movements. In other words, you don't have to choose between free weights and machines, because Maxxus gives you both.

Similarly, both the Smith machine and the free weight rack have adjustable safety catches. So even if you reach the point of muscular failure or slip up on a tough one rep max attempt, you won't get pinned under the bar. As a result, you'll grow more muscle because you'll naturally have the peace of mind to push yourself harder now that you've got a home gym with heavy-duty safety catches.

Adjustable bench

Again, this adjustable bench is the same one that talked about above. So let's just go through a short recap.

adjustable weight bench

This weight bench supports up to 300kg of total weight (user + bar) and comes equipped with an adjustable preacher pad and leg developer, which each hold up to 100kg of weight plates. Suffice to say that you'll have some pretty big quads if you can do leg extensions with 100kg while using the proper form!

And 100kg preacher curls? If you can lift that much with your biceps, then please get in touch—because I want to know your secrets.

Adjusting the bench itself is ridiculously straightforward. All you need to do is pull a small pin, and then you can switch the backrest angle between decline, flat, incline (multiple) and upright positions. Obviously, this adjustability makes the Maxxus bench great for the upper body because you can stress all the different heads of your pecs and build a broader, more symmetrical chest.

High pulleys

The high pulleys provide up to 150kg of resistance (you need to supply the weight plates) and offer a multitude of muscle-building exercises. For example, you can do heavy lat pulldowns to broaden your back, especially since there's a stability-enhancing leg holder, which makes you even stronger on pulling movements.

side view of a large resistance training machine

You can add mass to your arms without hurting your elbows by performing triceps pushdowns with the straight bar or single handle [1].

And you can develop a stronger core and more defined six-pack by doing weighted cable crunches.

However, unlike the 10.1's adjustable pulley system, the cables on the Maxxus Multi Gym 9.1 are fixed. This design choice actually gives the pulleys more stability, but it means that you can do fewer exercises.

That said, as you'll soon learn the 9.1 offers something that 10.1 doesn't—and it's perfect for your chest.

Rowing station

muscular man performing low rows

Once again, the rowing station/low pulley is exactly the same as the one on the Maxxus Multigym 10.1. So instead of boring you with all the details, let's just go over the main benefits [2].

The cable row station comes with a strength-boosting footplate that enables you to generate more pulling power by pushing your feet in the opposite direction to which you're rowing. In other words, the footplate provides you with greater core stability, which means that you won't get pulled forwards if you're lifting more than your bodyweight.

Pec deck

Although the Maxxus Multi Gym 9.1 doesn't include adjustable cables like the more advanced 10.1, it does come with a pec deck station, whereas the Maxxus Multi Gym 10.1 doesn't [3].

The pec deck station feeds off the pulley system, and as such, provides up to 150kg of resistance, which is more than enough weight for chest flys (and even for bench press if you ask me).

muscular man using a pec dec machine

Anyway. You'll notice that pec deck has thick foam padding on the backrest and fly arms. This design choice is no mistake. Like a quality mattress, the padding provides your back with much-needed support as you perform chest flys, enabling you to lift heavier weights since you're more comfortable.

Likewise, the heavily-padded pec fly arms create a thick cushion between your forearm bones and the dense metal, which would otherwise cause significant pain by digging into your flesh.

Bodyweight training stations

muscular man doing pull ups with his bodyweight

As with the Maxxus 10.1, the 9.1 model also includes a pull-up station and dipping handles. However, unlike the 10.1, the Maxxus 9.1 doesn't have the hammer grips or extra wide overhand grips. Nonetheless, you can still use a regular wide grip, a medium grip, a neutral grip and a close grip, which is more than enough variety to build a well-developed back.

athletic man performing bodyweight dips

On the dipping handle side of things, the 10.1 and 9.1 multi-gyms are equal. Both include height-adjustable dipping bars so that you can perform weighted dips without the plates hitting the floor. You can also use different grip widths to emphasise either your chest or your triceps, depending on which muscle group needs more work.

  • Replaces 9 different gym machines
  • Smith machine resistance feels smooth
  • Adjustable bench and Smith bar have 300kg weight capacities
  • Smith machine has 12 safety lockouts and bar stoppers
  • Doubles up as a squat rack
  • Comes with a 24-month guarantee
  • Fewer attachments than the 10.1
  • Need to buy weights separately

3. Maxxus 8.1 Multi Gym (best for chest)

The Maxxus 8.1 Multi Gym is the most affordable of all the Maxxus strength machines. But that doesn't mean that it's limited. While it doesn't come with dual pulleys like the 9.1 and 10.1, it's the only Maxxus home gym to include a dedicated chest press chest station, making it arguably the best choice for upper body development (while being equally useful for legs). [4]

Smith machine

a large strength training system with various workout stations and weight discs

As with the other two Maxxus multi gyms, the Maxxus 8.1 comes with a Smith machine that also functions as a free weight rack thanks to clever use of the front uprights.

This dual-function design enables you to enjoy the benefits of free weight training and the safety of Smith machines in the same workout system. Obviously, this 2-in-1 design also saves you a lot of space and money compared to buying a squat rack and Smith machine individually, meaning that you'll have extra cash to spend on weights (which don't come with any of the Maxxus home gyms).

man doing heavy bench presses

The Smith station itself also provides surprisingly smooth resistance for a home gym. There are no annoying sticking points as you lift the weight, which not only spares your joints from being jolted but also increases your muscle activation (and thereby muscle growth) too [5].

Of course, it also comes with an integrated squat rack, like their other two models (and the Body Power Smith machine) so that you can increase your free weight strength faster.

Adjustable bench

muscular man doing quad extensions

Despite being Maxxus's cheapest model, the 8.1 includes the same sturdy, 300kg-strong bench as the 9.1 and 10.1 multi gyms. This high weight rating naturally affords the bench greater stability, which enables you to lift heavier because your brain isn't preoccupied with trying to stop the bench from shaking.

Additionally, since this is a standalone bench, you can use it outside of the main unit with dumbbells or whatever other weightlifting equipment you have. This versatility adds even more exercise variety to your workout regime. Also, it frees up space inside the Maxxus 8.1 itself so that you can perform all the various Smith machine and cable exercises comfortably.

Low row

The low row station is designed for those who want to developer a thicker, stronger back while also having the freedom to perform other cable exercises, such as curls, lateral raises and upright rows.

athletic man training his biceps with cables

As you check out the Maxxus 8.1 Multi Gym, you'll quickly notice that there's a large footplate in front of the low pulley. This footplate plays the same role as a training partner when they hold your feet down during sit-ups. Namely, it makes you stronger by providing you with extra stability.

Moreover, the footplate increases the distance between your feet and the cable pulley, which enables you to get a deeper stretch in your back and trigger more muscle growth.

Chest station

muscular man performing chest presses

If you were wondering why the 8.1 is the best Maxxus multi gym for chest, then you've found the answer.

Neither the 9.1 or 10.1 models include a chest press machine. And the 10.1, despite being the most versatile overall, doesn't even come with a pec fly station.

athletic man performing a butterfly exercise

On the other hand, the Maxxus Multi Gym 8.1 includes both a chest press and a pec fly, enabling you to add serious mass to pecs without needing to buy dumbbells or any other equipment (besides weight plates, of course).

Anway. The chest station provides up to 150kg of resistance and offers wide, close and neutral gip options so that you can develop proportional pecs. Further, since the press arms are fixed, you don't need to think about stabilising the weight, which enables you to get a stronger pump and a more effective workout by focusing purely on the working muscles [6].

Bodyweight training station

The Maxxus Multi Gym 8.1 comes with the same pull-up and dip station as the 9.1 Maxxus personal trainer home gym.

man smiling while performing t-bar rows

We get close, medium, wide, neural and underhand grip options, which collectively enable us to develop our bodyweight strength while simultaneously adding mass to our back and biceps.

Similarly, we can use the dipping handles to bulk up our chest, triceps, and shoulders

And if you think outside the box, then you can use both of the bodyweight training stations for ab workouts. You can perform hanging leg raises from the pull-up bar, which emphasises your lower abs, and you can perform vertical knee raises with the dipping handles, which are essentially an easier version of the hanging leg raise [7].

  • Replaces over 8 machines with one compact home gym
  • Only Maxxus gym to offer a dedicated chest press station
  • Smith machine bar path is smooth and free from friction
  • Offers free weight training thanks to barbell safety catches
  • Most compact Maxxus multi gym
  • Comes with a 24-month warranty
  • Cables aren't height adjustable
  • Doesn't come with any weights

Which Maxxus Multi Gym should you buy?

Maxxus gym equipment is some of the most durable home fitness gear on the market. In a world where most machines max out below 150kg, it's refreshing to find three home gyms that each provide up to 300kg of resistance. But which is right for you?

a strength training system with various workout stations

If you want the most training variety possible (the highest number of attachments and the broadest selection of workout stations), then I recommend the Maxxus 10.1 Multi Gym. It comes with 10 different workout station, provides over 5 accessories and is durable enough to withstand extremely heavy weight training [8].

It's the only Maxxus multi gym with adjustable cable pulleys, and it has the most pull up station grip options. So it's a great choice for building a more muscular upper body.

a strength training machine with various workout stations

If you're on a budget, but still want the same core features offered by the 10.1, then the Maxxus 9.1 Multi Gym is an excellent choice for home workouts. It includes everything that the 10.1 does but comes with slightly fewer accessories and two fewer pull-up grips. However, the 9.1 comes with a pec deck station whereas the 10.1 doesn't (hence this is the best value for money option).

resistance training device with weights

However, if chest training is more important to you than having loads of attachments (which you can buy later), then the Maxxus 8.1 Multi Gym is definitely the best choice. Despite being the most affordable Maxxus home gym, it's the only model to include a dedicated chest press station, which is excellent for adding mass to your pecs because you can focus purely on the working muscle—not on stabilising the bar.

Overall, though, the Body Solid GS348QP4 still reigns supreme as the home gym of choice (in my opinion). It comes with everything offered by the Maxxus trio and more (hello selectorized weight stack). The Series 7 also has a commercial-grade construction and a lifetime warranty, so you'll never need to buy a home gym again if you invest in Body Solid today.

Editor's choice
Maxxus 10.1 Smith Machine Multi Gym
young man doing a shoulder press
  • Comes pakced with 10 unique workout stations
  • Remarkably smooth Smith machine and cables
  • Huge 300kg weight capacity for heavy lifting
  • Bench has flat, incline, decline and full upright positions
  • Complete with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind


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