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Marcy TSA5762 review: What is this half Smith machine worth?

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 4th January 2021

The Marcy TSA-5762 is not your typical space-hungry Smith machine multi gym. It's a compact combination of Smith machine, bench, preacher curl and leg developer that has some pretty helpful safety features.

However, it has two fatal flaws that prevent me from recommending it to British buyers.

If you're in a rush and don't have time to read my entire Marcy TSA5762 review, then you can skip to the conclusion to learn about the two fatal flaws. And find out what I recommend instead.

a workout system with a barbell and bench
  • Includes removable arm curl pad with 2 height adjustments
  • Comes with a leg developer to isolate the quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Accommodates Olympic 2" discs and 1" standard plates
  • Decent 135kg max load
  • Short assembly
  • Space-saving design
  • Not great for tall users
  • Lightweight frame doesn't lend itself to stability
  • Bench doesn't detach from the main unit

Marcy TSA5762 facts and figures

The Marcy TSA5762 Half Smith Machine combines three gym machines into one compact workout station. As the name suggests, it comes with a Smith machine. However, we also get a leg developer and preacher curl pad, which enable us to isolate our quads, hamstrings and biceps with up to 45kg.

To save space, the arm curl and leg attachments are built into the adjustable bench, which has 5 backrest positions. Namely, they are decline, flat, incline (multiple) and upright.

Despite the backrest being heavily adjustable, the bench is actually fixed to the rack. While this makes the TSA Smith Machine more compact, it also makes using the bench for dumbbell work tricky. Or in some cases, impossible.

If you're doing dumbbell bench press, for example, the uprights that hold the bar will likely get in the way and reduce your range of motion. The uprights could even cause you to drop the dumbbells on yourself if you accidentally press the dumbbells into them, which would be extremely painful and potentially very dangerous.

Of course, you can skip these dangers altogether by using the machine as a pure Smith machine. But considering that using both free weights and machines produces such excellent results, it would be a shame to miss out on dumbbell training.

  • Dimensions: 178cm L x 180cm W x 175cm H
  • Unit weight: 58kg
  • Weight capacity: 135kg
  • Workout stations: Smith machine, fixed weight bench, preacher curl, leg developer
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Estimated assembly time: 3 hours
  • Price: Check Current Price

Marcy TSA5762 workout stations

Smith machine

The Smith bar, which has a 10kg starting weight, supports up to 135kg of plates for a maximum resistance of 145kg.

a metal barbell latching onto the safety hooks

Unless you have grand plans of becoming a powerlifting world champion, this is plenty challenging enough to build muscle from home, especially considering that you can't use the machine for squats or deadlifts. If you can do a 145kg bench press, then you'll have a big chest—no question about that.

The Smith bar also has 7 hook points for re-racking the weight. So even if you get stuck mid-way through a rep (been there, done that), you can still re-rack the bar with a small wrist turn and get yourself out of trouble.

Likewise, there are bar catches that add another element of safety to your training. While these safety stops won't prevent injuries that result from poor form, they will save your arse if you accidentally fail on a rep. That is, providing that you deploy them before your set!

adapter sleeves for olympic weight discs

Marcy also includes ultra glide bushings to minimise friction while lifting. Of course, using the TSA-5762 won't feel like training on a commercial-grade machine (I mean, it's like a quarter of the price). However, having a smooth lifting motion definitely improves your mind-muscle connection in my experience.

The Olympic sleeve adapter is another useful feature because with it you can use 2" discs as well as standard 1" plates. As a result, you can get a better deal on weight plates since 2" Olympic discs tend to be cheaper than standard plates these days.

Adjustable bench

Now for the not so good part of this Marcy Half Smith Machine review. The adjustable bench is...let's say...a mixed bag.

image showing the bench's adjustable positions

Let's buck the trend and start with the bad news. It turns out the only part of this bench that's adjustable is the backrest. Yes, this thing's fixed to the frame like a fly trapped in a tarantula's web, and not even strongman strength can change that fact.

What this means for us is that we can't use the bench for dumbbell work. As a result, we're saddled to the Smith machine for all of our training needs. And as any personal trainer will tell you, you always achieve faster and better muscle growth when you use a combination of free weights and machines.

Now for the positives.

The backrest is highly adjustable. There are decline and incline angles in addition to flat and upright positions, allowing us to hit out muscles from a variety of angles and hopefully—with a good enough diet—achieve more growth.

backrest of a weight bench resting on a metal bar

Marcy also includes a removable curl pad with 2 height settings so that we can get a full biceps stretch and add mass to our arms. It has a detachable handle to simulate a preacher curl machine, but you can also use the pad with dumbbells, barbells and—my personal favourite—the EZ bar, for a more unrestricted range of motion [1].

However, building buff biceps doesn't mean that you have to skip leg day.

The heavily-padded leg developer enables us to cure chicken leg syndrome by training our quads and hamstring with up to 45kg of resistance. And while this might not be enough weight for an intermediate or advanced lifter, it's plenty if you've been skimping on lower body training [2].

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Marcy TSA5762 parts and frame

back view of a weight lifting device

The Marcy TSA5762 Half Smith Olympic System is by no means a commercial-grade machine when it comes to workout variety. But it's still a sturdy piece of equipment as far as home gyms go (if you can call it a home gym).

The frame is constructed from thick 14 gauge steel to resist wear and tear and stand up to heavy lifting (if you consider 140kg to be heavy). [3]

Similarly, the steel bar that supports the bench while in an incline position is equally sturdy. You won't have any safety issues providing that you stay within the weight capacity.

You'll also notice that the base is slightly elevated on rubber feet. While it might seem like an insignificant design choice at a glance, a raised base actually helps to minimise floor damage by putting rubber between the machine's metal and your flooring.

leg developer with foam padding

While the rubber feet minimise your floor's discomfort, the 2.5" thick bench upholstery helps to reduce your discomfort. Like a supportive office chair, the foam padding takes the pressure off your back and enables you to focus on the task at hand. In our case, lifting that's heavy weight—not playing games while our boss isn't looking, which I'm sure you wouldn't dream of doing!

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Marcy TSA5762 size and weight

The Marcy TSA-5762 Half Smith Machine and Weight Bench combo is remarkably compact. As such, it's great for saving space. It's more compact than the likes of the Marcy MWB1282, for example.

dimensions of the machine

However, tall people will struggle to use it comfortably and should probably seek alternatives—more on those in just a second.

For now, here are the key stats:

  • Dimensions: 178cm L x 180cm W x 175cm H
  • Seat to floor height: 55cm
  • Width between rack: 104cm
  • Unit weight: 58kg
  • Max user weight: 135kg
  • Max bar weight: 135kg
  • Max leg developer weight: 45kg

Marcy TSA5762 safety features

Since you've read this far into my Marcy TSA 5762 review, you probably realise that this product isn't going to win any innovation awards for its design.

overhead view of the lockout points

However, Marcy still does a relatively good job of keeping us safe, considering that the Half Smith Olympic System TSA5762 is an old machine.

In addition to multiple lockout points, there are adjustable safety catches for preventing the bar from dropping below a certain point. This design is useful if you usually train alone like me since you can push yourself without worrying about getting pinned under the bar [4]. Unless, of course, you set the safety catches to the wrong position, i.e. too low.

Marcy TSA5762 assembly

The Marcy TSA5762 Half Smith Olympic System is a fairly straightforward piece of equipment to put together.

All the bolts and washers are labelled (collectively called the hardware pack) at the start of manual, and their precise measurements are given. This way, you can easily distinguish between similar-looking parts and avoid making any mistakes.

There are 3 main steps to assembling the Marcy TSA5762 Smith Machine, which sounds too good to be true for fitness equipment. And that's because it kind of is. The 3 main steps are actually broken down into a total of 29 mini-steps.

However, this isn't a bad thing because if anything, it makes the installation instructions easier to comprehend (hence the 3-hour setup).

You'll also need 2 adjustable spanners and a set of Allen keys.

It arrives in one big box that weighs 62kg and measures 188cm L x 55cm W x 28cm H.

Is the Marcy Half Smith Machine worth buying?

Despite offering good value for money, I think there are simply better options for home workouts than the Marcy TSA5762 Smith Machine, which is quite outdated at this point.

For example, the Powerline Smith Machine has a much sturdier frame because it weighs 22% more than the TSA 5762. The frame also has a 10-year warranty.

The most striking benefit of the Powerline Smith Machine Package, however, is the fact that you can turn it into your very home gym by choosing from 4 attachments and 3 package deals. As a result, you only pay for the workout stations that you personally want, meaning that you'll have more money left in your bank account.

Thanks for reading my Marcy TSA5762 review. As you can see, it's a decent product. But there are simply better options on the market today.

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  • Friction-free lifting motion decreases joint strain while maximising muscle growth
  • 14 reinforced steel lockouts for testing your strength without a spotter
  • Hassle-free 2-hour assembly
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