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Marcy SM-4033 Smith machine review: The most complete workout system ever?

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 4th January 2021

There are many excellent cheap Smith machines available on the British market. But sometimes, you need more than just a Smith machine. If you want to truly pack in your gym membership for good and reap the rewards of training at home, then it pays to invest in a home gym that does it all.

So when I saw that the Marcy SM-4033 bundled 9 different gym machines into one convenient unit, I was intrigued. Could this relatively affordable workout system really replace a squat rack, Smith machine, lat pulldown and virtually every machine in the gym?

I created a full review to find out. And I'm going to spill the beans below so that you can discover all the juicy details.

front view of a weight lifting machine
  • Has a knurled Smith machine barbell with safety catches
  • Squat rack supports up to 136kg
  • Cable system has 15 adjustable positions
  • Preacher and leg attachments are height adjustable
  • Bench has 7 angles
  • Includes pull-up and dip stations for bodyweight training
  • Large footprint
  • No pulldown bar

Marcy SM-4033 facts and figures

The SM-4033 is, by my reckoning, Marcy's best piece of gym equipment to date. For less than the cost of an average used car, we get a squat rack, Smith machine, cable pulley system, low row, pec deck, pull up station, dip station, landmine station and an exercise bench.

And yes, the weight bench includes both preacher curl and leg developer attachments, enabling you to build a complete physique from every conceivable angle.

Add in the triceps rope, short bar and the cable handles, and you have all the tools you need to sculpt the body of your dreams. All you need to supply is the effort.

The machine itself measures 212cm L x 172cm W x 219cm H. So while it's not exactly compact, it's considerably more space-efficient (not to mention cost-efficient) compared to buying a separate Smith machine, squat rack, functional trainer—and all the other machines that come bundled in this home gym package.

We also get plenty of storage for weight plates. Of course, this means that you don't have to fork out for any weight disc trees. But more importantly, it makes changing the resistance a breeze, which is especially helpful if you enjoy doing supersets, like me.

  • Dimensions: 212cm L x 172cm W x 219cm H
  • Unit weight: Unspecified
  • Weight capacity: 136kg
  • Accessories: triceps rope, short bar, 2 cable handles, landmine attachment
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Estimated assembly time: 7 hours

Marcy SM-4033 workout stations

Smith machine

side view of a resistance training machine with weights

The chrome Smith machine bar offers plenty of knurling so that you can push for new personal records by always maintaining a firm grip on the barbell.

But even if you don't quite set that new personal best, you don't need to worry. With a simple flick of the wrist, you can re-rack the 136kg-strong bar at any point in the rep. Naturally, this means that you can test your strength in complete confidence, even if you don't have a spotter handy.

Free weight rack

Like the Smith station, the free weight rack supports 136kg. You'll need to supply your own weights and barbell (the SM-4033 works with both 1" standard and 2" Olympic plates), but aside from that, this heavy-duty squat rack station is ready to rock and roll. Well, not literally, because this gym is sturdy. But you get the idea.

I particularly like how the holes for the steel J-hooks aren't spaced too far apart. Besides being indicative of a quality home gym, having the holes close together affords you more precision in your lift-off position. This ultimately means that you'll gain strength faster because you'll waste less energy lifting the bar out of the hooks.

You can also read my Marcy SM-4903 review if you want a gym with a power rack (full-length safety catches) rather than just a squat rack.

Pulley system

Once again, the pulley system support 136kg of total resistance. Their standout feature, however, is definitely their adjustability. You can build size faster with these pulleys by hitting your muscles from different angles because they adjust offer 15 different positions.

athletic man doing cable pushdowns

Obviously, this training variety is great for stimulating hypertrophy, but it's equally useful for livening up your home workouts. And as you probably know, workout enjoyment and motivation can be the difference between transforming your body and staying fat and unhappy. So it's crucial to invest in a home gym that offers enough variety for your personality.

The pulleys themselves have a 50% weight ratio since each side functions independently. This design is useful for performing tricep pushdowns and the like. However, it does means that you'll need to use both sides together to enjoy the full resistance.

Low row

a tricep rope attached to a chain link

If you want to build a thick, broad back, then the low row is where you need to focus your attention. This centrally positioned workout station benefits from a 100% weight ratio so that you can add serious mass to your back without needing any extra equipment.

Similarly, the seated row comes complete with a dedicated footplate so that you can instantly level up your back strength by pushing your feet in the opposite direction to which you're pulling.

Adjustable bench

workout bench with preacher curl pad

Many weight benches offer preacher curl and leg attachments these days. In fact, the combination has practically become a home gym cliché!

However, few brands are willing to go the extra mile to provide us with adjustable preacher curl and leg developer stations.

That's why I was so pumped up to discover than Marcy equipped the SM-4033 bench with height adjustable attachments. Not only does this make training much more comfortable—allowing you to focus 100% of your attention on lifting—but it also means that you can speed up your rate of gains because you now have a home gym that provides your muscles with a greater range of motion.

wheels of the adjustable bench

I also like that the 272kg-strong bench has wheels and a convenient handle for easy transportation. It really does save your lower back from getting strained unnecessarily.

Best of all, however, is the remarkable adjustability of the back pad. Because the seat is adjustable, you don't feel like you're going to slide off the bench during incline presses [1].

Anyway, here are the precise angles:

  • Backrest: -27, 0, 12, 27, 42, 59, 76
  • Seat: 0, 8, 16

Pec deck

As with the low row, the padded pec station boasts a 100% ratio so that you can bulk up your pecs without destroying your shoulders due to excessive bench press training.

It makes a great finishing exercise because it provides such an intense muscular contraction. Seriously, you'll feel like buying bigger t-shirts when your pecs get pumped up from this well-crafted workout station.

Pull up station

I've reviewed and tested more than 50 Smith machines and this point, and not once have I seen a pull-up station with this many grip options.

  • Wide, medium, and close overhand grips
  • Wide, medium and narrow neutral grips
  • Underhand

Of course, with this many back-building grips at your disposal, it's only a matter of time before you create a more aesthetic v-taper [2]. You'll be stimulating muscle fibres that you didn't know you had, and your lats and traps will be thankful for it.

Dip station

The bench press gets all the glory. But if you want to build a thick, t-shirt-ripping lower chest, then you need to take weighted dips seriously.

close up of the dip handles

Unfortunately, the dip stations on most home gyms are pretty lacklustre (to say the least).

But thankfully for our gains, Marcy has bucked the trend by equipping their SM-4033 with height-adjustable dip stations. This means that you'll no longer ruin your rhythm by catching yourself on the floor every time you perform a rep.

Also, because the dip handles have plenty of padding, your hands won't slide about on the metal when your palms begin to sweat. Of course, this enhanced grip will go along way to increasing your bodyweight strength, but it'll also protect your flesh from the sturdy 14 gauge steel that sits under the foam.

Landmine station

What do you think of when you think of the phrase "landmine station"?

Me? I picture heavy t-bar rows in the corner of the gym.

man doing landmine exercises

And while t-bar rows are certainly the most common landmine exercise in mainstream fitness facilities, you can do literally hundreds of landmine exercise with even a modest amount of imagination.

The unfortunate thing about most landmine stations, however, it that they're completely fixed. For me, this kind of defeats their purpose since most of the exercises are meant to be dynamic [3].

But thankfully, this particular landmine has 5 adjustable positions, so you'll never be forced into restrictive movement patterns while you're performing your functional training.

Also, Check out our Marcy Combo Smith Machine review if you don't need a landmine attachment but still want plenty of workout stations.

Marcy SM-4033 parts and frame

Read any Marcy SM-4033 reviews, and the first thing most people will mention is the build quality.

This thing is sturdy.

a selection of cable attachments

And while it may not be quite on par with a standalone commercial machine, it's about a third of the price while quite literally offering 9x the features.

The frame itself enjoys a solid 14 gauge steel construction and benefits from an aesthetic red, black and grey finish that you certainly won't dread looking at.

I particularly like that the cables have sealed ball bearings. As someone who's a big believer in the mind-muscle connection, I was amped up to discover that Marcy included cables that produce basically no friction. This really improves the quality of your workouts, and it definitely makes you miss the "real gym" less.

man training his biceps with curls

The actual cables have a 2000lb tensile strength and certainly won't snap under the strain of your growing training intensity.

As a result of all this, very little maintenance is required on your end. In fact, all you need to do is lubricate the guide rods periodically with some WD-40.

You also won't need to spend any extra cash on weight disc trees because Marcy includes 6 plate pegs on the SM-4033 that each hold up to 45kg.

Marcy SM-4033 size and weight

Although the Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033 definitely isn't small like the MP3100 Smith Machine, it isn't exactly a space-hungry behemoth either. The cage measures 212cm L x 172cm W x 219cm H and the bench checks in at 160cm L x 67cm W x 137cm H.

Considering that the SM-4033 quite literally replaces 9 common gym machines, I think the footprint is justified. Just bear in mind that you'll likely need a couple of meters around either side to take full advantage of all its capacities.

Also, you don't need to worry if this machine can accommodate your frame. Users of 6'3" have used the Marcy SM 4033 without any issues,

Marcy SM-4033 safety features

The Marcy SM-4033 is especially useful if you're often flying solo in your workouts, like me. In addition to convenient steel lockout points, the Smith machine comes with adjustable safety catches so that you can get yourself out harm's way even if you fail on a rep.

You might notice that besides the J-hooks, the squat rack doesn't have any safety catches per se. However, this is actually a good thing because otherwise, you'd press the barbell into them which could potentially cause you to drop the weight on yourself.

Of course, that's not to say that you couldn't integrate some safety catches at a later date if you adjust your bench pressing form [4].

Marcy SM-4033 assembly

The Marcy Smith Machine Cage System arrives in 5 boxes. Before hand (or while ordering), I recommend getting yourself a good socket set and some open-end wrenches, as well as some Allen keys.

In the owner's manual, you'll find a 13-step safety guide so that you can stay out of harm's way and avoid injures. After that, you'll see a 6-step maintenance guide that tells you how to looks after you new SM-4033 (hint: there's not much to do).

I recommend reading through both guides before embarking on the assembly so that you always think in terms of safety, which can never be emphasised enough when dealing with heavy structural parts.

The setup itself is rather time-consuming, and I recommended laying out each piece before you begin. Yes, this takes time initially, and you'll need patience for it, but trust me, you'll save time and reduce stresses in the long run.

Overall, you're looking at around 7-8 hours to get through all 37 steps. Some users felt that the assembly manual was a little vague since there's no text. And while I can definitely see their point, I've come to expect this from Marcy, and it certainly doesn't detract from the diagrams, which are very crisp and clear.

Most importantly, however, they do tell you when to fully tighten and when to just partially tighten the bolts. The helpfulness of this cannot be underestimated. After all, it could mean the difference between a hassle-free assembly and having to re-do entire sections.


What are the dimensions?

The Marcy Smith Machine Cage System SM-4033 measures 212cm L x 172cm W x 219cm H.

Does it come with weights?

No, you'll need to provide your own weights. But the good news is that you can shop for a great deal because the SM-4033 accepts both standard and Olympic discs.

What attachments do you get?

The SM-4033 comes with a triceps rope, short bar, 2 cable handles and a landmine attachment.

I also recommend investing in a lat pulldown bar if you want to maximise your back training results.

What maintenance is required?

Your owner's manual includes a 6-step maintenance guide. All you really need to do is wipe down the bench, check the components periodically and lubricate the guide rods about once every 12 weeks.

What flooring offers the best protection for the Marcy SM-4033?

I'm a big fan of this Interlocking Jigsaw flooring because it's really easy to install and benefits from a non-slip surface. The high-density foam also affords the flooring fantastic noise reduction abilities, which is particularly handy if you like deadlifting or have to train in the mornings and don't want to annoy your non-lifting neighbours.

Is the Marcy SM-4033 worth your money?

Whether you're buying for your home gym or a private fitness facility, the Marcy SM-4033 offers excellent value because it replaces 9 conventional gym machines while costing less than any single one of them.

If you're someone who quickly gets bored with the same training routine, then I strongly suggest putting the SM-4033 forwards for consideration as your new workout system.

Unlike other Marcy products, it comes with a weight bench that has fully adjustable preacher and leg developer attachments. This enables you to build a more impressive physique because you can tailor each exercise to your build and achieve a greater range of motion.

However, the real highlight for me is definitely the adjustable cable station. With it, you can perform literally hundreds of exercises. And, because it has 15 positions, you can get ahead of the pack by hitting your muscles from different angles, which always leads to more notice physique improvements.

I hope that my Marcy SM-4033 review was helpful. It might not quite have a commercial-grade structure, but for the price, it's hard to find anything to dislike.

Editor's Choice
Marcy SM-4033 Smith Machine Cage System
front view of a weight lifting machine
  • Smith machine bar path is very smooth
  • Cables have 15 adjustable positions
  • Bench backrest has 7 angles for optimal muscle stimulation
  • Built-in squat rack easily supports 300lbs
  • Integrated pull-up and dip stations to improve your bodyweight strength
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