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Marcy Eclipse RS7000 review: Is this deluxe Smith machine good enough for home use?

By James Jackson
Last Updated on 4th January 2021

Welcome to my Marcy RS7000 review. Over the past few months, I've reviewed more than 45 Smith machine products for this site—and less than half made the cut.

Man products were let down by low weight ratings and plastic components. And that's to say nothing of the abysmal warranties.

Marcy knows how to pack a lot of training variety into a small amount of space. And in the next few minutes, I'll show you how their RS7000 replaces a whole suite of gym equipment without breaking the bank.

man standing next to a gym machine
  • Durable 14 gauge steel construction
  • Squat rack and Smith press are equipped with safety catchers
  • High pulleys swivel for extra range of motion
  • Low pulley includes a footplate for cable rows
  • Clear and precise assembly instructions
  • Ambiguous weight capacities
  • Leg developer only supports 45kg

Marcy RS7000 facts and figures

One thing's for sure. Marcy packs a lot of features into their RS7000. So much so that it's hard to explain everything without writing a dissertation—and no one likes reading those behemoths. So I'll do my best to break things down into manageable chunks for the remainder of the review.

But first. What comes in the box?

Marcy includes a Smith machine, squat rack, cable system, pec deck, pull up bar and weight bench. These aren't all standalone workout stations, mind you. They're all built directly into the main unit, which weighs a hefty 175kg and flaunts a rather bulky 250cm L x 203cm W 208.3cm H frame.

the cable accessories that come with this gym

You also get a v-bar, press bar, rope, ankle strap, two single handles and an exercise chart with 32 demonstrations. I'm a big proponent of hitting your muscles from different angles, so it's always a plus to get a healthy amount of attachments straight out of the box.

The main unit is constructed from 14 gauge steel and includes safety catches for both the Smith system and the squat rack. As a result, you can lift without a spotter, providing that you stay within the potentially restrictive weight limits—more on this later.

  • Dimensions: 250cm L x 203cm W 208.3cm H
  • Unit weight: 175kg
  • Weight capacity: 135kg
  • Workout stations: Smith machine, free weight rack, cable system, pec deck, pull up bar, weight bench with leg developer
  • Accessories: rope, v-bar, straight bar, ankle strap, 2 x single handles
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Estimated assembly time: 5-8 hours
  • Price: Check Current Price

Marcy RS7000 workout stations

Smith machine

As the name suggests—Marcy Deluxe Smith Machine—this home gym comes with a fully-fledged Smith machine system.

barbell latching onto the safety hooks

Now, don't confuse fully-fledged with commercial quality, because that's not what you're going to get with the RS7000. For one, it comes with "ultra glide bushings" rather than linear bearings. As a result, the bar might be more prone to friction since the components are made from plastic. That said, if you're going reasonably light and have plenty of WD-40 handy, this shouldn't be an issue. After all, nylon bushing still glide pretty well in my experiance.

On the positive side, there are around 10 lockout points that the Smith bar can attach to. Therefore, it's very straightforward to turn your wrist and re-rack the bar at almost any point in the rep.

You can also use the Olympic adapter sleeves to modify the width of the weight horns so that you can use 2" discs as well as 1" plates. That said, this isn't a major advantage considering that most of the fitness world is already using 2" Olympic plates at this point.

Free weight rack

As a big proponent of free weights, I really like that the Marcy RS7000 Deluxe Smith Cage comes with a built-in squat rack. It saves a significant amount of space (and money) compared to buying separate Smith machines and free weight racks for your home gym.

close up of the squat rack safety catches

It also has a decent 140kg capacity. For advanced lifters, however, this weight rating will probably feel a bit restrictive. You're not going to to be able to load up on squats or deadlift variations, which personally takes the fun out of training for me. After all, who doesn't love lifting heavy iron?

Anyway. The rack also comes equipped with adjustable J-Cups (to hold the barbell) and safety catches. With them, you can choose your own range of motion by predetermining the lowest point to which the barbell can travel. Naturally, this makes it easy to train alone since you're very unlikely to get pinned under the bar when the safety stoppers are deployed.

The Marcy Eclipse Deluxe Smith Machine Gym doesn't come with a barbell (or weights for that matter), but it's compatible with any 7-foot bar.

Cable system

Although free weights are widely considered the best training tools for building muscle mass, nobody can deny the effectiveness of cables for isolating specific body parts. And since the RS7000 Home Gym has cables, it's a good choice for bodybuilding-style training.

side view of the high pulleys and handle attachments

The dual high swivel pulleys, though not adjustable, are the ideal piece of gym equipment for doing upper body exercises like cable crossovers, lat pulldowns and triceps pushdowns. And since they're on a swivel, you have to use more stabiliser muscles to control the weight, which has been shown to improve strength faster.

By design, the pulleys have a 90kg weight capacity. However, unless you use both sides together, you only get 50% of the resistance, meaning a maximum of 45kg.

Now, I'm no Arnold Schwarzenegger. But 45kg is still child's play for me on tricep pushdowns. So unless you're a rank beginner, you're going to feel limited while training on this cable system unless you connect the attachments to both sides.

footplate for various cable exercises

Then again, the manual says that you can put 68kg on each side. But the description clearly states 45kg. So who are we to believe?

Anyway, the lower pulley fairs a bit better. Since there's only one attachment point, you get the full resistance 100% of the time (in this case, 90kg). There's also a footplate for cable rows so that you can lift more weight by pushing in the opposite direction with your feet as you row the bar towards your abdomen.

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Pec deck

Since the pec deck feeds off the pulleys, it also has a 90kg weight capacity. To use it, you simply set the bench to flat and then wheel it to the back of the unit. From there, you're able to bring the arms together and get a decent contraction, though it's not my favourite chest exercise admittedly.

Pull up bar

Although I think the Smith bar on the RS7000 Home Gym could use some improvement, the pull up bar is much better. This is actually quite ironic considering that the product is marketed as a Smith machine. But I digress...

man standing next to a gym machine

The pull up bar (which not even the Marcy Diamond Elite has) is completely straight, meaning that you can essentially personalise your grip width and pick the position that feels not too wide, not too close, but juuust right.

However, this also makes the bar void of a neutral grip. Personally, this is a deal-breaker for me because a hammer grip keeps my shoulders healthy and really "hammers" my lats [1].

Weight bench

A good weight bench lies at the heart of any respectable home gym. However, this particular bench has one potential problem if you're an advanced weight lifter.

leg developer attachment for the bench

The leg developer.

Yes, the convenient space-saving leg developer is the Achilles' heel of the otherwise superb weight bench—it has a pretty low 45kg capacity. How am I meant to do hamstring curls with that? It's as if Marcy wants us to skip leg day. And it's the same with their other products, such as the Marcy MWB1282.

That said, you could just train each leg separately to avoid this problem. After all, if you can lift 45kg with one leg, then you'll already be very muscular indeed.

Thankfully, the bench itself is much better.

The backrest has flat, incline, decline and upright angles, which enables you to thoroughly work all areas of your body, especially your chest. Specifically, the angles are -18°, 1°, 26°, 47° and 71°, so plenty of variety (although I wouldn't call 71 degrees upright). Then again I didn't do particularly well in GCSE maths.

Don't worry, though; I didn't go full nerd and measures the angles with my protractor. It tells you in the manual.

Marcy RS7000 parts and frame

As I mentioned earlier in my Marcy RS7000 review, the Smith bar uses plastic bushings, (rather than linear bearings) to move up and down the guide rods.

Well, as a result, you'll need to regularly lubricate the guide rods to get the bearings to move without friction (though this applies to any machine). [2]

cable pulley system

Likewise, you'll need to lubricate the cables to limit sticking points, which again, is very much a standard maintenance procedure for home gym equipment.

The other components fair a lot better, however. For example, the cables come with sealed ball bearings and have a 907kg tensile strength, which is the fancy way of saying they won't snap under the pressure of heavy loads.

On a side note, isn't it interesting how the cables can resist over 900kg of force yet support only 90kg of weight plates?

The frame itself is lovely and sturdy, though (much sturdier than the outdated Marcy TSA5762). It's constructed from 14 gauge steel and weighs 175kg, so it certainly won't wobble around during your workouts.

Likewise, the 6.5cm thick upholstery is of a good quality (even if it is very much in line with the industry average). Now onto the Marcy RS7000 dimensions. Will it actually fit in your house? [3]

Marcy RS7000 size and weight

Since we both agreed earlier that dissertations are boring, I'm just going to give you the facts here:

  • Cage dimensions: 165cm L x 198cm W x 214cm H
  • Bench dimensions: 173cm L x 66cm W x 115cm H
  • Max weight on bench (including user): 272kg
  • Max weight on bar: 136kg
  • Max weight on storage posts: 45kg per post
  • Max weight on bar holder: 136kg or 140kg (depending on who you believe)
  • Max weight on cables: 90kg or 136kg (again, depends on which source you believe)

It's a similar size to many of their cage-based home gyms. And you can check out our Marcy SM4000 review for a point of reference.

Marcy RS7000 safety features

The Marcy Eclipse RS7000 Deluxe Smith Machine Home Gym definitely has its flaws. However, one thing Marcy doesn't skim on is safety [4].

Both the Smith machine and free weight rack have adjustable safety catches, like with the IM2000 Self Spotting System. As long as you don't forget to deploy them before your set, the safety stoppers enable you to train relatively safely without a spotter since you can dictate the bar's endpoint.

Then again, with their ambiguous weight capacities, I'm not sure that I'd fully trust the catches to save me in the event that I fail on a rep. Still, if you don't plan on going really heavy (<130kg) then you'll probably be okay.

As I mentioned earlier in my review, one of the RS7000's highlights (for beginners at least) is the exercise chart. Through advanced lifters can always benefit from a quick technique refresher, it's particularly useful for keeping beginners safe by helping them to learn the proper form [5].

Marcy RS7000 assembly

Now for the most fun part of my Marcy Eclipse RS7000 review—the assembly.

Of course, I'm joking here. The assembly will take you 5-8 hours, but it isn't all that complicated until you get to the pulleys. And even then, Marcy includes helpful guidance on how to adjust the cable tension.

They also break down each major step into smaller chunks to make the instructions more understandable.

I've put together a lot of home gym. And I can tell you that when you only need to attach a couple of parts at once, the assembly feels much less stressful.

Additionally, there's a combination of text and diagrams and the parts from the hardware pack are labelled in the manual along with their precise measurements. This prevents you from getting confused between similar-looking nuts and bolts.

To put it together, you'll need an adjustable spanner and a set of Allen keys (provided).

In case you're curious, the Marcy RS7000 Deluxe Smith Machine Home Multi Gym arrives in 3 boxes:

  • Box 1 Dimensions: 207cm L x 43cm W x 18cm H (71kg)
  • Box 2 Dimensions: 111cm L x 48cm W x 20cm H (39kg)
  • Box 3 Dimensions: 127cm L x 44cm W x 18cm H (20kg)

Is the Marcy RS7000 a good investment?

Overall, the RS7000 Home Gym is a great piece of gym equipment that can definitely produce some serious gains for beginner and even advanced lifters.

Marcy packs a lot of variety into the workout system, and besides weights, you don't need to buy much else.

However, as I mentioned in my Marcy RS7000 review, some people might find the 45kg leg developer weight capacity a bit limiting. Of course, training one leg at a time is an easy (and pretty smart) way to sidestep this issue altogether.

Other than that, the only potential negative is the sheer size of the Marcy RS7000. Since it replaces so many gym machines, the unit has a pretty large footprint. Still, considering that the RS7000 is the only piece of strength training equipment that you'll need, it's actually a pretty space-efficient machine when you think about it.

Anyway. I hope that you found my review helpful. And if you can get the RS7000 while it's in stock, then it really is an excellent investment if you train at home.

Editor's Choice
Marcy Eclipse RS7000 Deluxe Smith Machine
man standing next to a gym machine
  • Squat rack & Smith machine have safety catches so that you can train without a spotter
  • Very sturdy 14 gauge construction
  • Pulley system is smooth and offers ample range of motion
  • Dedicated seated row footplate for stability
  • Simple assembly
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