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Ironmaster IM2000 review: Learn how this revolutionary self spotting system makes your home workouts safer

By Lee Thomas
Last Updated on 14th July 2021

Ironmaster is one of the oldest and most trusted names in home fitness. Their brand is synonymous with durability and innovation. And today, I'm going to walk you through their latest invention.

In my Ironmaster IM2000 review, you'll learn why I chose this compact Smith machine as my new home gym.

You'll discover how this quirky self-spotting system replaces cables and virtually all other gym equipment. And, you'll also find out how to customise your Ironmaster IM2000 to your exact liking—while saving a ton of money in the process.

Let's get into it...

a weight training device containing a barbell
  • You can spot your own sets
  • The frame feels stable and supports 450kg
  • Includes a high and low pulley system for cable exercises
  • Smith machine footplate transforms the IM2000 into a leg press
  • You can build your own custom package and save money
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty and 90-day returns window
  • Offered at the lowest price during July 2022
  • Have to buy weights separately
  • Assembly takes 4-5 hours
  • Often goes out of stock due to popular demand

Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting System facts and figures

The Ironmaster Self Spotting Machine is the result of over a decade of painstaking research and user feedback. While most companies were preoccupied with pumping out minimum viable products from shady Chinese factories, the Ironmaster team was busy plotting their home gym revolution.

And I have to say; their hard work has paid off. I've had my IM2000 for over 18 months now, and besides my wife (she reads my website), it's the best investment that I've ever made in my 32 years of life.

bodybuilder doing wide-grip pull-ups

I went for the "Ultimate Home Gym Package" to increase my training variety. But for now, let's talk about the basic product and its benefits.

I've reviewed over 40 Smith machines at this point, many of which are supposedly commercial-grade. However, out of all the products, the IM2000 has by far the smoothest lifting motion. It's like lifting free weights but with the safety of a Smith machine.

There's no friction or annoying sticking points that transfer the tension away from your muscles and onto your joints. As a result, I can focus purely on the working muscle and achieve better a pump. Plus, I can also train more frequently (not least because I've got my own home gym) because my joints are much less beat up from fighting friction.

In all honesty, though, I was expecting good things from their Smith machine considering how much time they put into it.

strength training system with weights

The cables are what really surprised me. Most home gym brands, despite charging us more than a cocky used car dealer, can't seem to create a quality pulley system to save their life. However, for Ironmaster, it seems like their ten years of work has been worth it.

Like their Smith machine, the space-saving cables glide incredibly fluidly. As such, you spend far less time on maintenance and get a much deeper stretch and a far more intense contraction in your muscles. In other words, Ironmaster has delivered on their bold promise of making your home workouts better than training in a commercial gym.

  • Dimensions: 122cm L x 122cm W x 215cm H
  • Unit weight: 136kg
  • Weight capacity: 159kg on the cables and 450kg everywhere else
  • Workout stations: Smith machine, high pulley, low pulley, leg support for lat pulldowns
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Estimated assembly time: 4-5 hours

IM2000 workout stations

Smith machine

Another Smith machine that I was considering buying (which costs in the region of £3,000) had as a selling point "Our lockout hooks are only 4" apart, making it easy for you to re-rack the barbell." Can you spot the problem?

While 4" doesn't sound like a lot, it feels like a never-ending road when you're trying to lock out that final rep. And if you forget to deploy the safety catches, locking out the bar can be the difference between a new achieving a new PR and ending up on a gym fail compilation—or worse, causing yourself serious injury.

man pressing a heavy barbell

That's why it's so vitally important to invest in a Smith machine with a safety-first attitude (and by that, I mean one with plenty of bar hooks).

The IM 2000 has the most lockout points of any Smith machine or home gym on the market, and they're only 1.7" apart. It's like having your own personal gym spotter—but without the clumsiness.

The Smith bar itself, which has a 14.5kg starting weight, comes with sleeve adapters to fit both standard and Olympic weight plates. What this means for you is that you can shop around for a better deal on weight discs since you're not shackled to any particular diameter.

Ironmaster also includes secondary safety stops and springs for extra protection. Like an airbag in your car, these springs reduce the impact in a worst-case scenario event.

Cable system

man doing wide grip lat pulldowns

The Ironmaster Smith machine comes with a built-in upper and low pulley system so that you can achieve faster results by hitting your muscles from different angles with cable exercises.

They've cleverly integrated the pulley system into the Smith machine to simultaneously save space and increase the cable's weight capacity. Muscle strength permitting, you can load up to 159kg of plates onto this beast.

With a convenient connection clip, the cables attach to the Smith bar, which acts as the resistance for all of your cable exercises. As a result, the weight rating is significantly higher than anything else on the market—including commercial cable machines.

man in a vest performing low cable rows

So unless you're a professional strongman, or have a penchant for ego lifting, you'll never come close to maxing out the resistance.

The benefits of this are two-fold. First, you always have a new weight to aim for, which motivates you to push harder and test the limits of your strength. Second, you'll never need to spend money on a new home gym with a higher weight capacity when you inevitably get stronger because you already own the most comprehensive home gym on the market. Not bad, eh?

Leg holder

The leg holder for lat pulldowns is another clever feature that has a big impact on the quality of your training. It was nearly impossible for me to do pulldowns on my previous home gyms without being taken for a ride by what I can only describe as a rocket ship pulling me upwards. I felt like I was giving myself a hernia every time I had to flex my abs to prevent my arse from jolting up as if I'd just sat on a wasp.

muscular man doing a lat pulldown

Thankfully for my back development, this no longer the case now that I've invested in the IM2000. My lat pulldowns feel more like lat pulldowns—and not like a full-body movement.

I can feel my lats stretch and contract with each rep as if I was on some special pump-inducing supplement (I'm not). As a result of being able to train my back harder, I've gone up a shirt size and supercharged my pull-up strength. I'm not going to give all the credit to Ironmaster, but the IM 2000 definitely had a lot to do with my rapid results.

IM2000 parts and frame


While most brands use cheap 14 gauge steel to cut costs and line their pockets, Ironmaster puts the customer first and opts for durable 11 gauge steel, which is the most robust metal that you can use for making gym equipment.

As a result, the frame and barbell can support a staggering 450kg. Yes, that's kilos—not pounds (I know, I was surprised too).

Slide bushings

athletic woman doing a leg press

The secret sauce behind their silky smooth Smith machine lies in a pair of unique slide bushings. Unlike standard bearings, the slide bushings eliminate friction and cleverly shift more tension onto your muscles while simultaneously de-stressing your joints.

Naturally, this fluid motion allows you to lift heavy without being held back by frustrating sticking points. As any bodybuilder will tell you, sticking points are the enemy of the pump because they prevent constant tension.

What this means for us is that we can achieve faster muscle growth because the IM2000's bearings enable us to achieve a stronger mind-muscle connection.

Also, we can recover faster since our joints don't have to recuperate from all the sudden jolts of friction that are a common side effect of most cheaper home gyms (and even some expensive ones).

woman doing leg raises

Slide bushings are also more durable than traditional linear bearings, which is why Ironmaster gives us a 10-year warranty at no extra cost. There's something deeply satisfying about having peace of mind while you train, especially if you like to test your limits in each session. It feels encouraging to know that the guys at Ironmaster always have our backs if things go wrong.

My previous home gym made a £2300 dent in my wallet. But despite the crazy price tag, I had to basically drown the components WD-40 every time I trained as if it was a weird pre-workout ritual. With my IM2000, however, I only need to lubricate the slide rails once every other month. And honestly, that's just as a precaution. I could probably do it a lot less if I wanted to.


side view of a resistance training machine with weights

There are 4 storage pegs on either side of the steel beam at the back of the unit. Aside from keeping my workout area tidy and free from trip hazards, it makes the IM2000 far more compact since it doesn't have storage pins poking out of every damn corner.

Plus, I was finally able to get rid of those annoying weight trees that made my gym look more like an obstacle course.

IM2000 size and weight

Too often in home fitness, compact is simply a code word for lack of features.

the length, width and height of this gym

However, after investing in the Ultimate Home Gym Package, I'm pretty sure that Ironmaster has cracked the code to creating a versatile home gym that's also compact.

The frame measures 122cm L x 122cm W x 215cm H and weighs 136kg. If you factor in the bar, then the width is actually 185.5cm. Or, to put it another way, the height of the average Dutchman (yeah, those fellas are tall).

Equally impressive is the stability of the frame. Despite being one of the lighter Smith machines on the market, it's easily one of the most stable (hence the 450kg weight rating).

IM2000 safety features

While the best safety measure is always learning the proper form, it never hurts to have a backup [1].

Ironmaster keeps us safe in three distinct ways.

First, the lockout points are only 4.3cm/1.7" apart. So if you ever fail on a rep, then you can simply turn your wrist about 15 degrees and get back to safety. Naturally, this reduces your risk of getting pinned under a loaded barbell.

chrome barbell with weight plates

Second, Ironmaster manufactures a pair of spotting arms that attach to your IM2000, turning it into a squat rack without the need for any complicated modifications. They're fully adjustable and come equipped with a conservative 225kg (500lb) weight rating to keep you out of harm's way if you ever need to bail on a rep.

Since I get a kick out of testing my 1RM every so often, the spotting arms were a no-brainer for me.

Finally, any machine with a 450kg weight rating, and thus fantastic stability, is undoubtedly safer than one that wobbles around like a bouncy castle.

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IM2000 assembly

Although assembling the IM2000 wasn't exactly fun, it wasn't overly complicated either.

Having put together so much mass-produced gym equipment in the past, I was surprised to be greeted with logically-ordered instructions in proper English. Since the majority of companies buy a generic product in bulk and then slap their branding on top, most manuals end up being variations of poorly-translated Chinese.

As a result, you're often left scratching your head. And in rare cases, you'll even acquire a spanner-sized dent in your wall—when your patience invariably succumbs to frustration after you use the incorrect bolt for the fifth time in a row.

Thankfully for my wall and wife, Ironmaster keeps roadblocks to a minimum by making the instructions clear and understandable.

You get a hardware kit with various tools; all you need to provide are two adjustable spanners/wrenches.

man and a woman performing weight training together

There's a combination of clear, crisp diagrams and unambiguous textual instructions. Many of the pictures are close-ups, which is really helpful when you're working with small parts and need to know exactly where to attach a particular bolt or washer.

The text is detailed enough so that you can figure everything out. But it's not so lengthy that you start daydreaming about your next meal (or that hot coworker). Key sections are also bolded and capitalised so that you're able to save time by getting things right on the first try.

Ironmaster also saves you further time and headaches by making it clear when you need to tighten the bolts, and when you need to back off. This way, you won't have to redo any sections unless you're just being careless.

Overall, you're looking at around 4-6 hours of assembly time. And while you can do it alone, I recommend recruiting a second pair of hands to speed things up.

IM2000 exercises

The IM2000 Self-Spotting Machine provides virtually limitless exercise possibilities. Here's a taster of the big range of movements that you can look forward to trying:

  • Quads: back squats, front squats, hack squats, split squats, leg presses, lunges, step ups
  • Hamstrings: Romanian deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts, Nordic hamstring curls, good mornings
  • Glutes: hip thrusts, glute bridges, donkey kicks, hip abductions, kneeling squats
  • Chest: decline presses, incline presses, flat presses, dips
  • Back: pull-ups, chin-ups, lat pulldowns, cable rows, t-bar rows, deadlifts, shrugs
  • Shoulders: overhead presses, upright rows, lateral raises, front raises, reverse flys
  • Arms: close-grip bench presses, overhead extensions, skull crushers, preacher curls, reverse curls, standing curls, forearm curls
  • Abs: crunches, hanging leg raises, sit-ups

IM2000 workout routines

The beauty of the IM2000 is that it replaces a Smith machine and virtually all gym equipment. As a result, the only limit to your workout routines is your creativity.

Now, I'm not going to be that person that goes around claiming there's one magic program that will get you to Gainsville. But I will leave you with some inspiration so that you can create your own IM2000 workouts [2].

muscualr man in a vest doing incline presses

Chest and back

This compound-focused routine will expand your chest while adding thickness and width to your lats.

1A: Incline bench press 4 x 8-10 reps

1B: Medium-grip pulldowns 4 x 8-10 reps

2A: Flat bench press 4 x 8-10 reps

2B: Cable rows 4 x 8-10 reps

3A: Dips 3 x 12-15 reps

3B: Lat pushdowns 3 x 12-15 reps


This superset routine makes use of the IM2000 preacher curl attachment. You'll get a wicked pump, and with the right diet, you'll add mass to your arms.

1A: Standing curls 4 x 6-8 reps

1B: Close-grip bench press 4 x 6-8 reps

2A: Preacher curls 3 x 10-12 reps

2B: Overhead extensions 3 x 12-15 reps

3A: Reverse curls 3 x 15-20 reps

3B: Triceps pushdowns 3 x 15-20 reps


This routine uses the Smith machine leg press attachment so that you can focus on your quads without worrying about stabilising the weight.

1: Back squat 4 x 6-8 reps

2: Romanian deadlift 4 x 6-8 reps

3: Leg press 3 x 12-15 reps

4A: Leg extensions 3 x 12-15 reps

4B: Hamstring curls 3 x 12-15 reps

5: Standing calf raises 4 x 8-10 reps

Optional attachments and their benefits

Super Bench

Often referred to as the world's most adjustable bench, the Superbench is the lifeblood of the IM2000. It's the gateway to creating your personalised home gym because it connects to nearly all of the other attachments:

My only gripe is that you have to pay extra for a wheel kit. The upgrade isn't going to break the bank by any means. But I think that it should be included as standard considering the weight of the bench.

weight bench with padded upholestry

Overall, the Super Bench measures 112cm L x 48cm W x 51cm H and tips the scales at 32kg. Like the IM2000, it has a 450kg weight rating (270kg when set to incline) and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The backrest has 11 adjustable angles —0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees—and the seat has 3 positions. This customisation enables you to develop a more proportional physique since you can work your muscles from various angles and stimulate all the fibres [3].

The foot-operated lever on the side of the bench also makes it ridiculously easy to adjust the angle. This adjustability is great for me because I no longer have to fiddle around with a cumbersome pop-pin that used to turn my rest periods into a dexterity test.

pciture showing the bench's adjustable positions

Also, the seat automatically follows the main backrest so that when you make adjustments, they're both in the correct position. The main benefit of this is that you have a more stable base to lift from. How? Because you won't slide down the bench due to the angle between the seat and backrest being too large.

Similarly, the seat actually detaches from the bench so that when you're doing flat press, there's no uncomfortable gap between the back pad and the seat. This naturally provides more lower back support and helps to reduce spinal stress.

Leg press

woman doing as calf press exercise

The Ironmaster IM2000 leg press levels up your lower body training by clamping directly to the Smith bar where it can enjoy the full benefit of the built-in safety stoppers and 450kg weight capacity.

Thanks to its economical design, the vertical leg press cost me about 1/10th of what I would've paid for a sled leg press. And despite my concerns, it feels just as realistic as a traditional leg press.

I kid you not. When I first programmed it into my routine, my quads were sore for a full nine days.

Leg attachment

muscular woman doing leg extensions

The affordable leg attachment connects to the Super Bench and enables you to do leg extensions and hamstring curls with up to 91kg. Yet the attachment itself weighs just 11kg.

I'm still a gym bro at heart. And I definitely like to train hardcore. However, I really like the adjustable roller pads since they protect my shins and feet from bruising. After all, what's the point in building big calves if people only look at your bruises?

Bar hooks

steel bar supports

I like that Ironmaster is continually innovating. When you train at home like me and don't have unlimited space (or money), it's critical to get the most bang for your buck with each piece of equipment that you invest in.

While most bar holders are essentially carbon copies of each other, Ironmaster has bucked the trend with their dual-hook barbell holders.

These two steel pegs transformed my IM2000 into a fully-fledged self spotting bench press machine. They have protective nylon inserts that reduce the impact as you re-rack the weight, which also prolongs the life of your barbell.

barbell resting in a rack

Furthermore, since these are dual bar hooks, you instantly have double the racking options. What this means to you is that you can customise the lift-off height according to your individual limb length and personal preferences. As a result, you don't have to awkwardly adjust your body with a loaded barbell suspended over your chest.

Additionally, the lower hooks give you an extra place to re-rack the bar if you can't complete the final rep.

Add in the 450kg weight rating, and you can see why the IM2000 has a strong reputation for user safety. It's even sturdier than the Body Solid Smith machine, which is also an international bestseller.

Spotting arms

Like a trusty gym spotter, the IM2000 spotting arms encourage you to test your free weight strength without worrying about the consequences of failing a rep.

steel bar hooks

With a conservative 227kg/500lb capacity, these 35cm spotting arms regularly give me the courage to go for new PRs and push to failure.

As a result, I'm enjoying my training a lot more (not least because I have a home gym). But also because I'm gaining muscle and strength faster since I don't have to hold myself back over the fear of getting trapped underneath the barbell.

Crunch attachment

Personally, I always do direct ab work. It makes my six-pack muscles more visible when I lean down (and when I enjoy one too many pizzas on a bulk). According to my powerlifting friend, it also increases your strength on compound lifts because you have a more stable core.

crunch attachment by itself

The problem is, ab benches are ridiculously expensive. Not to mention they take up more space than I have.

So when I received the convenient crunch attachment in my IM2000 package, I was one happy customer. Well...I was actually jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas day. But that's too embarrassing to put on the internet, isn't it?

My favourite thing about the crunch attachment is that it connects directly to my Super Bench in a few seconds. Not only is this convenient for someone with a short fuse like me, but it also means that my ab training activities don't take up any extra space (which means I have room left over for more workout goodies).

toned woman doing ab crunches

You can adjust the bench over 6 positions, from a slight decline to near vertical. And because Ironmaster included a sturdy grab handle, I don't have to awkwardly roll out of the bench after a tough set of crunches.

I also like the fact that my knees are always slightly elevated. As someone who's had back issues in the past, this setup really takes the strain off my spine when I'm going heavy on crunches or decline presses.

The crunch attachment has a 272kg/600lb weight rating and like the main unit, comes with a 10-year warranty.

Dip handles

dip handles

Ironmaster actually makes two sets of dip handles. There's one pair that attaches directly to the IM2000. And then there's the other pair that connects to your Super Bench. The latter is the one that came with my Ultimate Home Gym Package.

The handles are 58.5cm apart and have 3 height positions, which sounds impressive at first. But the minimum and maximum heights are only 6cm apart (127cm-133cm).

Truth be told, though, the height is fine for dips. And considering that I can use the attachment for hanging leg raises, I'm not going to quibble over a couple of centimetres.

close up of the dip handles that attach to the frame

Maybe I'm not hardcore enough, but I also thought that the handles could do with more padding. Don't get me wrong, the handles are tough (and you can get a really firm hold on them), but they're not exactly comfortable.

Then again, I suppose dips aren't an inherently comfortable exercise when you're going heavy. Plus, the attachment supports up to 158kg/350lbs, which just shows how sturdy the Super Bench is.

Low row footplate

footplate attachment with cable row accessory

This textured footplate increases the range of motion on my cable rows by about 15cm. It enables me to get a deeper stretch in my lats without having to lean forwards and risk injuring my lower back.

Oh, and it's about 5x cheaper than a "proper" cable row station while still just as durable.

Go figure.


chin up bar with various grips

Like with their dip handles, Ironmaster also makes two different sets of chin up attachments. I went for the IM2000 Ultimate Chin Up over the one that attaches to the Super Bench because it has a neutral grip option and better knurling.

Plus, installing the Ultimate Chin Up is a one time job. With the other attachment, you have to connect it to your Super Bench every time you want to do pull-ups. Sure, it only takes ten seconds. But I just like the familiarity of having a traditional pull-up bar with a variety of grips. That way, I can hit my back from different angles and get more noticeable results [4].

Preacher curl

The preacher pad measures 30cm high, 61cm wide, 5 cm thick and weighs 7kg.

preacher curl pad with black upholestry

The main improvement I'd make is placing the bar holder closer to the pad. This way, it would be easier to re-rack my EZ bar after a set.

That said, the pad is really well made and gives my arms plenty of support.

I also like the fact that I can adjust the pad over 3 angles. I like to start on the steepest setting—train to failure—and then keep reducing the angle until my biceps are burnt out.

muscly man doing curls on a gym device for his biceps

And since the pad connects to the Super Bench, I often do supersets by using the preacher pad as a back support for overhead triceps extensions. This pairing saves me a bunch of time and also gives my arms an unbelievable pump that not even a nitric oxide supplement can replicate [5].

I also went ahead and bought the Dockable Curl Support so that I can use the preacher attachment with the lower pulley and add constant tension to my curls.

Landmine attachment

barbell and landmine attachment

I used to love doing heavy T-bar rows in the corner of my old gym because they added a lot of thickness to my back. So naturally, the landmine attachment was a must-have for my back training routine.

It combines perfectly with my Olympic barbell, connects directly to my IM200 and allows me to row with up to 181.5kg of resistance (not that I'm that strong). [6]

The steel landmine attachment also has a powder coat finish for extra durability. It's particularly useful if you want to drop the bar after heavy t-bar rows since the powder coat makes it more resistant to scratches.

Band pegs

hooks for resistance bands

I used to think that resistance bands were reserved for women and rehabilitation. However, in recent years, I've wised up and realised the benefits of incorporating bands into my training.

The band pegs come as a pair (each is 4" long) and have 3 attachment points per side. Lately, I've been using them (with bands, of course) to improve my bench press lockout strength, which has resulted in a 15kg increase in my 1RM.

barbell with bands attached to it

I've also used them for squats to great effect. I'm warning you, though. Banded squats are absolutely brutal. They make me feel like I'm sprinting up a mountain without any oxygen.

Also, if for whatever reason, you just want a basic Smith machine, then see our full Powertec Roller Smith Machine review for a simple yet durable alternative.

Current package deals

Package 1: The Core Home Gym

weight machine bundle

The Core Home Gym package includes the IM2000 and the Super Bench. This formidable duo is the Batman and Robin of home gym equipment, and they lay a solid foundation for you to add more attachments.

Package 2: The Advanced Home Gym

strength training machine package bundle

The Advanced Home Gym package includes the IM2000, Super Bench, Crunch Attachment and dip handles. It's a good choice if you have a medium budget and want more variety in your upper body and core workouts.

Package 3: The Ultimate Home Gym

resistance training package deal

The Ultimate Home Gym bundle is Ironmaster's highest tier package. It offers the best savings out of their three pre-built packages, and as I mentioned in my review, it's the one that I went for.

I received the IM2000, Super Bench, Crunch Attachment, Preacher Attachment, Leg Attachment and dip handles. It's a great choice if you want gym-grade training variety at home.

Custom Package

Don't get me wrong: I'm thrilled with my Ironmaster IM2000. But if I could travel back in time and buy it again, I'd build my own custom package.

optional attachments for the system

As you saw in my attachments section, I ended up buying a lot of add-ons at a later date. Had I ordered them together in my own custom package, however, I'd have saved myself a lot of money [7].

Essentially, the more you spend (up to a point), the higher your discount. This deal is a no-brainer really because you only pay for the attachments that you personally want.


How smoothly does the Smith machine bar glide up and down?

The lifting bar feels incredibly fluid because the slide bearings eliminate friction and sticking points. This makes it feel more like lifting free weights but with the added safety of a Smith machine.

I usually train alone. Is it easy to re-rack the bar if you get stuck?

Yes, there are built-in safety stops and lots of lockout points that are only 4.3cm/1.7" apart. You can re-rack the bar with a small turn of your wrist at any point during the set [8] [9].

How effective is the Ironmaster IM2000 for building muscle?

The IM2000 has all the ingredients for a successful muscle-building workout regime. With a 450kg capacity and over 10 attachments at your disposal, you have all the necessary tools to sculpt your ideal physique—if you're willing to put in the work. The IM2000 isn't a cure for laziness.

Will I need to spend money on other equipment when I buy the Ironmaster IM2000?

No, the IM2000 mimics every machine that you'd find in a commercial gym. You won't need to buy any other equipment when you invest in the IM2000.

Should you invest in the IM2000?

At first, I was unsure about ordering a home gym off the internet that I hadn't tried in person. But after reading up on Ironmaster and realising that I had 10-years warranty protection and a 90-day return window, I figured that I had nothing to lose.

I decided to pull the trigger and order the Ultimate Home Gym package. And 18 months later, I have but one small regret—I could've saved even more money if I'd built my own custom bundle.

Nevertheless, the IM2000 is the best purchase I've ever made. I was shocked at how something so compact can also be durable enough to withstand 450kg.

Even my friend (who's a gym owner) was impressed by the quality. So much so, he's thinking of getting one for his commercial gym.

The super stable frame and the silky smooth lifting bar really make my home workouts something to look forward to after a long day at work. And I'm thrilled that I made the investment.

I hope that you found my Ironmaster IM2000 review helpful. The link below will get you the guaranteed lowest price and free delivery. Enjoy!

Editor's Choice
Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting System
weight lifter doing squats
  • Record-breaking 450kg weight capacity
  • Silky-smooth lifting motion maximises muscle recruitment
  • Safety hooks are only 1.7" apart
  • Create your dream home gym by choosing from 9+ affordable attachments
  • Offered at the lowest price during July 2022

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