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How much does a Smith machine bar weigh in the UK in KG? (the truth)

By Henry Wilson
Last Updated on 8th July 2020

There's a lot of false information circulating regarding the true UK Smith machine bar weight. Of course, the weight of the bar on a Smith machine is always going to differ from gym to gym. But still, there's certainly an average (which I've calculated from testing nearly 50 different machines).

So, what's the smith machine bar weight KG wise—in Britain?

Let's find out...

How much does a Smith machine bar weigh in the UK?

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How much does the bar weigh on a Smith machine? The average bar weight of a Smith machine in the UK is around 10-15kg. This range is based on over 45 tests of different Smith machines.

How much does the bar on a smith machine weigh in the USA?

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How heavy is the bar on a Smith machine in the USA? On average, it weighs around 15-20lbs [1] [2].

What is the Pure Gym Smith machine bar weight?

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The weight of a Pure Gym Smith machine (presuming they use the Matrix brand) is 11.3kg. Note, however, that one version (Matrix G1-FW161) has a 20kg bar weight. That said, the two most common models have an 11.3kg Smith machine barbell weight [3].

What is the Smith machine bar weight at Planet Fitness?

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The Smith machine bar at Planet Fitness weighs around 20lbs [4].

How does the Smith machine counterweight work?


The true Smith machine weight is determined by two main factors: (1) the physical Smiths machine bar weight and (2) the strength of the counterbalance system.

The counterweight is simply a collection of internal cables that connect to the barbell and reduce its starting weight. They essentially do this by pulling the bar upwards, which is one reason why some Smith machines (though extremely rare) can actually have a 0kg starting resistance [5].

Do you count the bar on a Smith machine?

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Yes, you generally count the weight of the Smith machine bar. However, if you know that the starting resistance is really low, say, less than 5kg, then it might not be worth factoring the bar weight into your calculations (especially if you're a meathead that struggles with maths).

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Smith machine bar weight in the UK: The bottom line

If you want to know the bar weight of a specific Smith machine model, then search through our site, because we've pretty much covered every Smith machine available in Britain at this point.

Aside from that, I hope that you found this article helpful. Remember, the average Smith machine bar weight (in KG) in the UK is right around 11kg.

Thanks for reading!

Henry Wilson
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