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Hello and welcome to Smith machine UK! If you want to lift weights at home and are seeking the best and safest tools to accomplish your goals, then our hands-on reviews and exercise guides will help you through the process.

We draw on the latest scientific research from respected sources like Pubmed Central and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research to ensure that we provide our fellow Brits and everyone else with the most up-to-date fitness information.

Of course, diet and workout consistency are number one. But if you’re going to start training at home, then you might as well invest in the best gym equipment that you can afford. 

That’s where we come in.

Our main focus is Smith machines because we firmly believe that they’re one of the most underrated (and misunderstood) pieces of gym equipment for transforming your body. 

Because of our safety-first attitude and honest review style (much to the dismay of some fitness companies), we’ve quickly become the go-to source for people who want to level up their home workouts in both intensity and safety.

Our team has a diverse interest in all aspects of strength and conditioning so you’ll also find tips and tricks for maximising your muscle growth, your gym efficiency and your lifting technique. Ready to meet the team?

Meet the Team

James Jackson — Editor

James JJ Jackson

Hi, James “JJ” Jackson here. I became the editor and main writer for this website a few years back after being ripped-off by various home gym companies to the tune of almost £10,000. I decided to take a stand and start creating reviews of my own so that the rest of Britain wouldn’t have to waste their hard-earned money on misleading fitness equipment.

After testing countless products, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes quality fitness equipment. And that’s what I’m going to share with you.

However, my passion for fitness goes back much further. Growing up, I was a keen rugby union player (Quins supporter) and was even on trial at several academies. But due to a severe knee injury sustained in a match, I had to cut my career short.

That’s when I shifted gears into strength training.

I was already decently strong from my rugby workouts. But after after giving lifting my laser-focused attention, my muscles mass and strength reached new heights.

However, this wasn’t to last.

Johnothan Abbott
“Thanks to James and the team for helping me pick out a new home gym. I’ve always wanted my own Smith machine, and I’m chuffed with the discount that they got me. Great advice and great people. Highly recommend reading their guides if you’re based in the UK.”
vital repz logo
Johnathan Abbott
CEO of Vital Repz Fitness

Maybe it was the disappointment of my rugby “career”, or perhaps it was the stress from work. Whatever the case was, things got dark and I pretty much burnt out from the gym altogether.

My daily diet resembled a powerlifter’s cheat day, and my physique deteriorated into a squidgy mess (as one of my so-called “friends” put it). Seriously, I could’ve been the Michelin Man.

Anyway, after taking 12 months off training, gaining four stone and losing all credibility, I finally decided to make a change. I realised that I was too old to make it as a professional rugby player. However, I also realised that I wasn’t too old to turn my life around.

The problem was that I couldn’t stand being in a crowded public gym (especially not after a long day at work). So I decided to buy a home gym to get my fitness back on track.

And that’s where things went wrong for the second time.

To cut a long story short, my home gyms (yeah I went through multiple) simply couldn’t stand up to repeated use. And one of them even collapsed while I was using it. But thankfully I was just warming up, so I wasn't seriously injured.

This happened a few times until I finally stopped cutting corners. I knew that I needed to use the right tools if I wanted to reclaim my physique and my reputation. So finally, after another few years of spinning my wheels and making no gains, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a proper home gym setup.

Then the results came pouring in.

sarah brown
"James. I can’t thank you enough. Since investing in your recommended Smith machine and training at home, I’ve fallen in love with lifting again. Thanks for showing me an affordable alternative to commercial gyms."
Sarah Brown
Marketing Manager, Rochdale

Since that moment, I haven’t skipped a workout. Looking back on everything now, it’s obvious that my unhappiness stemmed from having to train in an environment that I detested.

But now I look forward to every single session. Whether it’s an invigorating morning lift before work or a stress-busting evening workout, I relish the opportunity to exercise my body. Most importantly, I have more time to spend with my family and more vitality in my body.

Henry Wilson — Research Assistant

Henry Wilson

Hello! I’m Henry, and I’m a lifelong learner and science lover. I specialise in anatomy and physiology because I’ve always found the human body absolutely fascinating. I’m the kind of fella who wants to understand why we function the way we do. So a career in human biology was a natural fit for me.

Along with Lee, I fact-check the articles on this site and also prepare the research materials for his exercise guides. I train four days a week with weights and also enjoy cross-country cycling (when the English weather hold’s up).

Lee Thomas — Strength and Conditioning Coach

Lee Thomas

Ey up! I’m Lee, and as you might have guessed from reading my articles, I’m a Northern lad through and through. I grew up in Leeds, and I’m a massive supporter of both United and the Rhinos. I studied in Austria for university, but I missed the down-to-earth northern culture so much that I moved back the day after graduation.

I’m a competitive physique athlete, and besides spending time with my wife and two daughters, I love nothing more than ripping heavy weights off the ground to the sound 80s rock (and the Kaiser Chiefs).

I’m a senior S&C coach, and I’ve been helping athletes achieve their true potential for the past 20 years (hence the hairline). I met James 5 years ago while working with his younger brother down in London. It was clear from our very first training session together that we shared a common passion for helping others better themselves.

I’m delighted to have partnered with him for this project, and I hope you enjoy my evidence-based exercise guides.

Andy Chambers
“If you want to get strong naturally, listen to Lee—he knows his stuff. With his help, I’ve put on 5kg of lean mass and revealed my abs for the first time since my 20s.”
Andy Chambers
Sales Director, Bristol

Sue Phillips — Senior Editor

Sue Phillips

I wish I could say that I’ve always been into fitness, but that’s not the case. In fact, as a teenager, I dreaded P.E lessons more than I dreaded getting homework!

And unfortunately, things didn’t change until I got much older.

During university, I piled on the pounds and gained almost two stone. Besides wrecking my confidence, my poor dietary choices also put my health at serious risk. It wasn’t until I had my first child that I realised I needed to change—fast.

My husband introduced me to strength and conditioning coach, Lee Thomas, who helped me to shed excess weight for the first time in my life. His scientific approach to training and nutrition really stood out to me and taught me the value of working out smartly as well as lifting hard.

I’m the editor for this website and keep the articles looking spick and span. I exercise at home so that I can spend more time with my kids, but I also enjoy going to Yoga classes when I can.

Natasha Hernández — Social Media Manager

Natasha Hernandez

Hey, Tasha here! I moved to Manchester with my parents from Cartagena when I was five, and I’ve always loved keeping active. Although I miss the Spanish sunshine, I’ve made so many friends in England, and I can’t see myself ever leaving.

I studied Public Relations and Communication at uni, and I manage the social media channels for this site. Besides keeping you guys up to date with our latest content, I also write exercise guides to help people get the most out of their home workouts. And when I’m not hip thrusting in my home gym, I’m most likely travelling or spending time with my beloved poodle, Lucy.

Still have questions?

Thanks for getting to know us better. If you have any questions about residential or commercial gym equipment then don't hesitate to contact us or reach out to a member of the team via email or on social media.

At Smith Machine UK, we create in-depth tests of the latest and greatest gym equipment on the British market so that you can create your dream home gym.
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